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Data Center

Making the journey from Office 365 to full cloud solutions

If you’re not selling cloud solutions to your customers, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Consumers and business users alike are already seeking out their own cloud solutions for tasks like file sharing, productivity and collaboration. Learn how to lead your cloud services offering with familiar productivity applications—expand on those opportunities—and how to protect your bottom line while transitioning your business from fulfillment to full cloud solutions.




Are your customers ready for a virtual concierge?

shutterstock_404449645.jpgWhenever we see virtual concierge solutions portrayed in the movies, they’re usually shown in a science-fiction setting as some far-out futuristic technology.




Ingram Micro Unveils New Cloud Store at Cloud Summit 2016

With Ingram Micro announcing the expansion of its Ecosystem of Cloud to include new cloud delivery platforms at Cloud Summit 2016, many channel partners were eager to learn more about the capabilities of each platform, including the Ingram Micro Cloud Store.



Physical Security

6 keys to a successful security demo

Nothing’s worse than working hard to land a demo and then have it fall apart in front of the customer. When analyzing failed demos, we’ve found that most problems could have been avoided with a little preparation. Before you hold your next demo, consider the following 6 keys to success:



Document Imaging

Assessing the cost of document management

Most organizations today realize the potential savings that can be achieved with better document management. But some companies, especially in SMB, haven’t invested in a document management system. They may not think their size warrants the expenditure. Maybe they’re just married to the way they’ve always worked. Old habits die hard.




Security awareness: Helping others find a clear path forward

I recently had the privilege of guiding a sight-impaired citizen through the busy lobby of my local gym. This elderly man was in fine spirits but grateful for my help as he struggled to reach the exit. Although equipped with a mobility device, he needed someone to hold on to for a few steps so he could begin the next part of his journey. As we parted, I reflected how fortunate I was for the opportunity to offer my service. At that moment, I understood that even the most accomplished people may need guidance from a trusted resource when facing a new challenge.






5 things you should know about hyperconvergence

shutterstock_163229387.jpgGartner forecasts that, by 2018, hyperconverged integrated systems will deliver bimodal infrastructures in 25% of large enterprises. That’s noteworthy, considering that number sat at less than 1% in 2016. Now that hyperconvergence has our attention, let’s explore the technology that’s tempting global IT leaders with software-defi­ned storage and scale-out infrastructure.



Unified Comm & Collaboration

Flipped learning: the education sales opportunity you might be missing

Solution providers catering to the education vertical typically sell interactive whiteboards or wireless networking solutions; sometimes both. These are two great lines of business, but there could be something better out there for you—the flipped learning model.

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Manufacturer Posts




6 Ways Downtime Hurts Your Customers’ Businesses

Many SMB owners have a tendency to downplay the impact of IT downtime. They think it can only cost them the loss of a few hours of productivity, when in fact having systems go down can cause a lot more damage. Here are several risk factors they should take into account.




Protecting your customers from today’s threats—and tomorrow’s

At the recent Fall ONE in Las Vegas, Symantec—a leading information protection corporation—showcased its latest security solution: Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 (SEP 14). With attackers employing more sophisticated attacks, your customers need solutions that evolve to keep their information secure. SEP 14 protects your customers’ endpoints across operating systems and platforms, all from a single management console. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud) is a cloud-based security as a service that keeps your clients protected with an affordable pay-as-you-go model and no additional infrastructure investments.




Security Shift: Beyond Firewalls and Endpoints

You know that guy who walks around wearing a mullet and that girl whose cell phone still has an antenna? That’s a great metaphor for how a lot of businesses approach their IT security. In other words, some people are still trapped in the past and desperately in need of a makeover.




Resources to simplify your customers’ digital transformation

You don’t need to figure out how to digitize your customers’ networks on your own—Cisco and Ingram Micro have assets, resources, incentives and services that will make it easier.



Windows Server Migration

How To Master The Windows Server 2008 vs 2012 Conversation

Over the past several years, Microsoft has been beating the drum, waving the flag, and blowing sirens in order to broadcast upgrading from Windows Server 2003. The advantages are numerous and so are the risks of continuing to operate this server release after July 14, 2015, especially now that we’re past the end-of-life-support deadline.




Are Your Customers Thinking Too Big About Disaster Recovery?

A meteor is streaking toward the earth at an unprecedented speed. NASA has pinpointed its trajectory, and there is a 100-percent chance that your customer’s office will be reduced to a steaming crater within 24 hours.

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