Summer is prime time for personal as well as business travel—and staying connected is a must. Yet with so many mobile gadgets and devices available, it can be tough to know what to grab and what to leave behind.

Summer travel checklist

Our summer travel checklist reveals 10 technology essentials your customers need to stay connected on the road.
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Introducing Business and Consumer Solutions (BCS)—encompassing a wider audience, broader scope and more opportunities

In recent weeks, Ingram Micro changed the name of its consumer technology solutions (CTS) to something new: Business and Consumer Solutions (BCS). And the reasons may excite you.  

News flash: Consumer technology solutions (CTS) has a new name

Learn how Ingram Micro is evolving its Business and Consumer Solutions (BCS), and what it means to you.
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Years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) seemed like nothing more than wild imagination—or the realm of science fiction. But today, AI is a very real tool that you’re probably already using. Whether you’re aware of it or not, AI is in more places than you might think, and its prevalence is spreading like wildfire.

Think artificial intelligence is still in the future? Guess again

A closer look at 7 ways artificial intelligence is already part of our daily lives
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Why Technology as a Service (TaaS) is gaining importance and how you can incorporate it into your business model to create an ongoing revenue stream

Does this scenario sound familiar? A school district needs 500 Chromebooks for incoming freshmen as a part of their 1:1 program (refreshing each student’s device after three years). But their budget is extremely tight, so they can’t afford to purchase all the equipment upfront. And because students are notoriously hard on their devices, the customer wants assurance that any hardware failures can be resolved quickly and easily with minimal impact to the school and students. Can you help them?

Flexibility and affordability for rent

A closer look at how Technology as a Service (TaaS) expands solutions offerings and financial flexibility for customers on a budget
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With the rise of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses everywhere are in the midst of a massive transformation—a shift to the smart office.

Inside the smart office

A closer look at six smart office solutions available today to transform modern business
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How smart speakers and whole-home audio come together to form the ultimate listening experience

Superb sound is the ultimate goal for anyone who calls themselves a music lover—and a smart, whole-home audio system is a great way to enjoy that high-quality sound while also enhancing your living space. Imagine your favorite music flowing throughout every room. As you walk from the living room to the kitchen, your tunes follow—without interruption. 

All about audio

How smart speakers and whole-home audio come together to form the ultimate listening experience
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A closer look at smart hubs, the “brains” behind home automation

If your customers are like most, creating a smart home is primarily a do-it-yourself project.  People choose from thousands of components, connect those devices to their home network and start enjoying their new connected life.

Controlling the smart home

Controlling the smart home doesn’t need to be difficult. Learn the value of smart home hubs—the brains behind home automation.
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Take advantage of more products, more authorizations and more people focused specifically on large format

Perhaps you’re already selling large format printing and looking for ways to grow. Or maybe you’re seeking a brand new revenue stream to augment your current business. Either way, Ingram Micro’s recent investments in large format printing can offer the solutions and support you need.

Large format printing: 3 new Ingram Micro offerings that can change your game

Learn about 3 new Ingram Micro offerings that can change your game in large format printing.
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4 ways your customers can streamline their personal and professional lives with smart home/office technology in 2018

If your customers are interested in tapping into the full potential of their homes and workspaces this year, it’s time to make their environments smarter. And there’s no better time than now.

New year, new you

Learn 4 ways people can streamline their personal and professional lives with smart home and smart office technology.
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Learn how Ingram Micro will help you boost profits in this market this year

It’s 2018, and your business is about to become “smarter” than ever. That’s because Ingram Micro’s focus on consumer technology solutions (CTS) is growing quickly—translating into big-time opportunities for both you and your customers.

During a recent conversation with Alexandra Harding, Ingram Micro’s CTS business unit leader, we learned more about the company’s CTS offerings for smart homes and offices, its plans for accelerating growth this year and what it means for solution providers like you.

Q. What do we mean by the term CTS?

CTS refers to a broad range of consumer solutions that don’t traditionally fall into the consumer electronics (CE) realm but are being adopted quickly. It includes solutions like digital health and wellness, content management, home networking and more. A few examples include smart home automation, DC/POS, robotics, pro AV, physical security, storage, networking and 3D printing—categories that are selling into this space at a rapid growth rate.

Q. Are these products only for consumers?

No. Many small businesses are equally enticed by smart devices that can help make their connected offices more comfortable, secure, convenient, energy efficient and cost effective. There are smart thermostats, power switches, power outlets, energy-generating solar window sills, multiroom audio/video fans, smart security cameras, air conditioners and locks.

Beyond smart gadgets, SMBs also need a way to connect and protect all their smart devices. This drives the sale of Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders and high-speed internet, UPS battery backup and network security solutions.

Q. How is Ingram Micro growing CTS this year?

You’ll definitely see large, continued growth in the smart home/smart office space. We’re really focused on growing and diversifying our partners and portfolio in these areas. We’re also expanding solutions in peripherals, mesh networking, virtual reality, augmented reality and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. Specifically, we’re targeting vendors and technologies that have won emerging tech awards at CES and striving to bring their cutting-edge solutions into our portfolio.   

Consumer technology solutions: What’s coming in 2018?

Learn what’s coming in 2018 for consumer technology solutions at Ingram Micro.
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The demand for managed print solutions is on the rise, with the market expected to grow at a rate of 10 percent each year through 2020. (Photizo Group, 2015). It remains an especially popular option in the SMB market, where fewer than 10 percent of companies have any type of print policy (NPRN, 2015) and managing costs is always a primary concern.

Managed Print Services Made Easy and Profitable

Managed print services lower costs and improve efficiency for customers while adding an easy revenue stream for your business.
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Business and Consumer Solutions

Learn about the latest advances in smart homes, flat screens, whole-home audio, gaming and other consumer-focused technologies.

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