What people predicted 60 years ago and where mainstream smart home technology is today

 Smart home technology has come a long way in recent years—but have we officially entered the futuristic age depicted in the TV show The Jetsons or in the Monsanto House of the Future (a design concept featured at Disneyland in Anaheim in 1957)?

Flashback: Have smart homes entered the era of ‘The Jetsons’?

Read about what people predicted for smart homes decades ago and what technology is mainstream today.
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You’ve likely seen them. Perhaps your customers’ kids even own them. When it comes to children’s toys, IoT-enabled, “connected” playthings are all the rage. But are they totally secure?

IoT-enabled children’s toys—are the risks real or exaggerated, and do the benefits outweigh them?

Smart but not secure? Discover the risks and benefits of IoT-enabled children’s toys.
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Our top-12 guide for cutting-edge tech gadgets

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s not too soon to start assembling your own holiday shopping list, as well as recommendations for your smart home and office customers. Whether they’re looking to splurge on employees or find ways to stretch a limited holiday budget, this list offers something for everyone. Based on suggestions from our Business and Consumer Solutions team, these smart tech gifts are sure to please even the lowest-tech person or the biggest Scrooge.

Hot consumer tech gifts for the holidays

Discover the hottest consumer technology gifts for the holidays.
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Of all the functions that modern technology can improve or replace, few are more critical than protecting the physical security of your smart home or small business. Burglars are always on the lookout for the next score, but they’re also looking for easy prey. They’ll often ditch a plan at the first hint of alarms, cameras and other high-tech gadgets that could make their attempt noisy, highly visible or just down-right difficult.

Physical security: how smart locks and other consumer-oriented security technologies can fit into a complete security solution for connected homes and small businesses

Help smart homes and SMBs get airtight physical security with these 4 core technologies.
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Which markets are ripe for this technology and tips for securing new business
Did you know that the wide-format printer market in North America is currently growing at 9.5% annually and, according to IDC, projected to reach $1.7 billion in revenue by 2022?

Opportunities in wide-format printing

Learn which markets are ripe for wide-format print technology and questions to ask to secure new business.
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Depending on where you live, winter may seem like a long way off—but in actuality, those snowy days and long cold nights may be right around the corner. It’s not too soon to help your customers get their smart homes and offices prepared.

Winter is coming: maximize energy efficiency with smart thermostats

Learn the value of smart thermostats for customers seeking to save energy and costs this winter.
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How Ingram Micro can help you find a specialist in networking, security or any other technology to fill gaps in your own expertise.
When you’re a busy solution provider, you’ve got your hands full running a business, managing your teams, closing deals and finding the next ones. There’s little time to expand into new technology or service skillsets—if you care to do it at all. That’s where Ingram Micro is the ideal distribution partner.

Partnering for success in BCS

Learn how Ingram Micro can help you find a specialist in networking, security or any other technology to fill gaps in your own expertise.
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A look at the difference and how to tell when a customer needs to take their equipment to the next level

On the surface, many smart home and business products look the same—identical mechanical design, similar capacity and matching form factor. However, there are usually significant differences between commercial- and consumer-grade products. And these distinctions can be important because they affect reliability, endurance and total cost of ownership for your customers over time.

Commercial vs. consumer-grade products

Commercial vs. consumer-grade products—learn the difference and how to tell when a customer needs to take equipment to the next level.
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Learn about the latest advances in smart homes, flat screens, whole-home audio, gaming and other consumer-focused technologies.

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