Build Your Security Practice With Professional Services

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Jul 06

Jul 06



What is it?
The shift toward a globalized, digital economy has created a wave of complex and fast-changing risks to businesses—and one that demands a new level of security. Unfortunately, many solution providers are not diving into cybersecurity because of limited resources and time. Ingram Micro’s professional services security offerings can help busy solution providers make the most of this new opportunity.

Ingram Micro offers a full portfolio of professional and training services that can be leveraged to plan, implement, manage and support security solutions for your clients. With Ingram Micro, you can add penetration testing, web application vulnerability and social engineering assessments to your security practice portfolio. You also can take advantage of Ingram Micro’s implementation services for security solutions as well as IT asset disposition for equipment that’s no longer needed.

How does it work?
Security is a broad and complex topic that has far-reaching impact on users, businesses, governments, clients and constituents. Ingram Micro’s professional services security solutions and training don’t just give you access to professional services, they also provide offerings such as Cisco FirePower network threat assessment, which helps identify and validate clients’ business needs in today’s mobile world as well as pre-sales technical support and certification training.

What’s in it for me?
You’ll be able to pack more value into any security deal by packaging professional services with it. By leveraging Ingram Micro’s broad expertise, you can offer services like infrastructure, wireless network and virtualization assessments as well as the security offerings. For your retail customers, specialized PCI compliance solutions can help them meet stringent EMV and PCI requirements.

How can I get started?
Ingram Micro professional services offer solution providers new and lucrative opportunities to evaluate, discover, deploy, service and support new security solutions as part of your team or as an independent partner.

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