Ingram Micro Community Members Get VIP Treatment

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Feb 27

Feb 27



“Strength in numbers” and “stronger together” are rallying cries that resonate with businesses that want to be seen and heard in a crowded marketplace. For solution providers, the Ingram Micro SMB Alliance and Trust X Alliance communities are fertile grounds for cultivating business growth.

Both communities are building on the momentum they created last year and are expanding benefits in 2017. The Trust X Alliance brings together top-performing solution providers and gives them access to technical resources, exclusive offers and valuable network opportunities. In 2017, the Trust X Alliance is adding “Marketing to End Users” as a new benefit. Building credibility and visibility with end users is among a long list of benefits—including marketing dollars, white-glove service within Ingram Micro and pre-sales technical support—that Trust X Alliance members receive.

The SMB Alliance lives up to its name with a focus on sharing best practices and essential tools that secure opportunities and successes with small and midsize businesses. It’s a great community for Ingram Micro partners to “get to know Ingram Micro.” Members can look forward to new dedicated resources for cloud, marketing, sales, professional training, vertical markets and IT asset disposition in 2017 that will help them gain traction within SMBs. These new resources round out a strong list of member benefits, which include pre-sales technical support, marketing funds, Ingram Micro Link, training and shipment discounts.

“We really enjoy working with our members in these programs and helping them realize their business goals,” says Holly Niedzielski, director, event marketing and partner communities, Ingram Micro. “We are developing a strong library of tools and resources for members, but the biggest benefit is the networking and partnering opportunities that happen at our meetings and events. We are definitely stronger together.”

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