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Jul 06

Jul 06



Ingram Micro’s solution-provider communities, including TrustX Alliance and SMB Alliance, offer a common place for you, manufacturers and Ingram Micro to work toward the mutual goals of profitability, growth and strong relationships. Access to dedicated resources from Ingram Micro helps you grow profitably in your markets while expanding your geographic reach and scope.

When GG Group was searching for a cloud provider for a client’s business-critical servers, it turned to fellow community member SysIntegrators. GG Group satisfied its client’s need for a high-performance, low-latency hosted service—and thanks to Ingram Micro community connections—earned a six-figure profit on the deal.

Ingram Micro community members gain access to deep technical resources and best practices. “With the quick pace of technology and options available, we can reach out to a vast knowledge of people and get real-time, in-the-trenches assessments of software and hardware,” says Bill Luketich, vice president, Restech Information Services, and a TrustX Alliance member. “We are not pioneering a new road that someone else has already traveled, and clients get better solutions in a timely manner.”

Opportunities to network with peers are among the biggest benefits of being an SMB Alliance member, says J.R. Farrar, partner, Crux. “Core to this partnership with Ingram Micro is being able to integrate, talk to people and solve our problems,” he says. “The benefits of the member-to-member meetings are exactly that—we are meeting with like-minded individuals. It’s helped us to grow our business in a positive way.”

JoeAnne Hardy, president, WBM Office Systems, emphasizes the value of relationships. “There is no doubt that Trust X Alliance has strengthened our vendor partnerships. Our business has grown and our partnerships with some of the sponsoring vendors have gone from reactive and transactional to proactive and strategic,” she says.

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