Many solution providers will admit that when it comes to marketing, they have plenty of room for improvement. Whether due to bad experiences or a lack of ROI, there’s a lot of head scratching that goes on when it comes to marketing that actually works for solution providers. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid as you look to get your marketing program working for you:

4 marketing mistakes to avoid

Many solution providers aren’t doing marketing due to bad experiences, a perceived lack of ROI, or misinformation. Here’s why they’re wrong.
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It’s an unfortunate reality that as many solution providers reach the age of retirement and begin the process of selling their business, they discover that it’s not worth as much as they thought it should be. It’s not surprising. After dedicating years of their lives to improving the business and building up a nice list of satisfied customers—and hearing what other businesses are worth—they develop unrealistic expectations of what their business is actually worth. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are a few steps you can take today that will positively impact the value of your business:

What’s your business worth?

Many solution providers are shocked to learn their businesses aren’t as valuable as they thought. Follow these steps to make your business more valuable.
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 Technology fuels businesses large and small. Businesses are embracing digital transformation as they place a high priority on retaining customers, expanding into new markets, improving business processes and innovating with new products and services. That mindset is fueling IT spending, which Gartner predicts to grow by 2.9 percent in worldwide in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion, after a slight dip last year.

Power Up the Promise of Technology

Learn how Ingram Micro helps shorten the sales cycle for technology solution providers.
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The Ingram Micro small business blog provides tips, tricks, and advice for small-business owners and IT professionals.  It seeks to give business owners and IT professionals a place where they can ask questions, get advice, compare notes, and learn from one another’s mistakes.  The small business blog contributors also highlight unique programs and services that Ingram Micro provides to support your business.

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