Today’s consumers—armed with smartphones and tablets—can access more information within a store’s walls than the store’s own associates can. Within the next three years, retailers unable to support customers’ shopping preferences—whether in-store, online, mobile or some combination of all three—not only will lag behind their competition, but also stand to lose customers. Here's how you can help them stay ahead of the curve. 

The New Potential of Retail

Retailers are using digital signage, IoT and payment systems to create a better shopping experience, and that’s creating opportunities for solution providers.
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Technology is a key enabler of business. But at any given time, some business segments experience particularly strong growth in IT spending. For example, by 2017, the retail industry is expected to spend over $196 billion on technology, according to research firm Gartner. IDC projects that IT spending by financial services providers will reach more than one-half trillion dollars by 2018.

Dig Deep Into Hot-Growth Markets

Go vertical: Accelerate your success by digging deep into the healthcare, public sector, retail, and legal and finance markets.
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For the second consecutive year, Staples recognized Ingram Micro Canada through the office supply retailer’s prestigious annual awards program, coming in for two different honors: The Staples Category Development Award and the Staples Advantage Technology Vendor Award.

Partnering to Open New Retail Markets

Ingram Micro is recognized for helping retailers and channel partners gain efficiency, grow profitably and achieve unrivaled service excellence through partnership.
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Small Business Through Ingram Micro

The Ingram Micro small business blog provides tips, tricks, and advice for small-business owners and IT professionals.  It seeks to give business owners and IT professionals a place where they can ask questions, get advice, compare notes, and learn from one another’s mistakes.  The small business blog contributors also highlight unique programs and services that Ingram Micro provides to support your business.

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