With private-label technology solutions, your customers get tailor-made technology solutions and they don't pay a hefty premium for a brand name. The white-box server market is blazing as businesses see the success that companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are having building their own gear. The data center opportunity is expanding to include custom-built switches and storage. And there's massive potential to create custom solutions that are optimized for big data analytics and the Internet of Things. Tap into the Ingram Micro System ArchiTECHS community for resources, products and best practices for builders and white-box solutions.


White Box is Red Hot

White-box solutions let you give your customers exactly what they want.
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Companies and their employees should be using LinkedIn to promote solutions, services, industry trends and facts. Keep your personal posts on Facebook or Snapchat, and put on your professional game face for LinkedIn. Use your profile to showcase your industry knowledge and establish new business relationships. Don’t be afraid to use some snappy headlines crafted with SEO keywords, which will help your company be discoverable via search.

Here are seven tips to maximize LinkedIn:

1. Promote your skills and successes.
Share articles, in-depth white papers and timely company news. To visually impress your audience, add a banner for best results. Including your industry on your profile can result in 15X more views.

2. Join relevant industry groups.
Don’t use groups to sell, but task a trustworthy source—a technical writer or marketer—to provide a voice of reason. You may just build a reputation as a subject-matter expert or thought leader, allowing you to build a business portfolio as you go.

3. Use your status updates to promote accomplishments.
Don’t post your dinner or vacation pictures to LinkedIn; save those for Instagram. Instead,
post a recent blog and keep your posts succinct, focused and topical.

4. Regularly check your pulse feed.
Your feed is a treasure chest of content you can use for marketing and professional purposes all in the same place. Repurpose the content on Twitter, Google+ or other social media.

5. Create a company page and frequently refresh.
A company page helps you keep a pulse on how your company profile is trending. How many times do you show up in search results? Who’s looking at your company as a prospect?

6. Use LinkedIn to post marketing resources.
These can include collateral materials, presentations, videos or company web pages. Prospects can access these essential materials for the small price of completing a contact form, which allows you to capture details on potential leads.

7. Make connections.
The more you network on LinkedIn, the more successful your profile becomes. Add all past clients, colleagues and co-workers and ask for introductions through shared connections.

When you’re looking at your social strategy, put on your game face and stay professional.

Use LinkedIn Like a Pro

Check out these seven ways to boost your brand identity and online connections through LinkedIn.
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With a few tweaks, your training programs can shift from stodgy and boring to social and inspiring. A new and improved program, with an emphasis on professional development, can go a long way toward increasing employee retention and improving morale and productivity. These five tips will help you nurture effective training programs that connect to your company’s objectives.

5 Tips to Freshen Up Training Programs

Learn how a new wave of motivational employee training options puts a lively face on old-school traditions.
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Change happens fast. Just ask the woolly mammoths, the dinosaurs and the dodo birds. Don’t let cloud services be your climate change, unexpected meteorite or super-predator.

Thrive in the New World of Cloud Services

Businesses of all sizes are embracing cloud services, and robust growth lies ahead. Ingram Micro's Cloud Marketplace and ecosystem help you succeed.
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If you’re looking for a way to coax customers closer to a signed contract, then it’s time to give leasing and financing a fresh look.

By contacting Ingram Micro early in the sales cycle, solution providers can provide their customers with technology quotes combined with financing or leasing details that include the
customer’s projected monthly payment. “This makes the sales process more palatable,” says Melanie DelValle, market development executive, Ingram Micro Financial Solutions. “Customers can more easily see how it matches their cash flow and fits with their budget.”

Most customers aren’t sitting on a pile of cash for IT upgrades, so the ability to offer financing can make the buying cycle smoother for them. "The end user doesn’t have to go the bank, or anywhere else. We can do it in a streamlined sales cycle,” says DelValle.

The more options solution providers can offercustomers, the greater the likelihood they’ll close the deal. “We can help them with offering their clients a wide range of options from net 30 to fully customized payments, including monthly, quarterly or annually if that better fits their sales cycle,” DelValle explains. Ingram Micro also can incorporate costs for services, installation and training into the deal.

Solution providers can take advantage of Ingram Micro Lease-IT! or vendor-specific leasing programs, including HP, Cisco and IBM, which are also offered by Ingram Micro. The other upside to lease agreements? They automatically create a new selling opportunity. “If you’re doing a 36-month lease with a customer, you can follow up at month 30 and provide them
the latest technology solution, emphasizing they can still make that affordable monthly payment,” DelValle says.

Regardless of the opportunity, smart solution providers will involve Ingram Micro as early in the sales process as possible to maximize their leasing and financing options. “We have a dedicated team to help them through this process, so even for those who are new to leasing, we make sure everything is handled appropriately,” DelValle adds.

Technology Leasing Gets You Closer to Yes

By involving Ingram Micro Financial Solutions early in your sales process, you can offer more attractive terms and options and close more deals.
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What is it?
Having limited time and resources can hamper many solution providers’ ability and desire to learn new technologies and products. But not building new competencies can mean you risk losing profits and letting new opportunities pass you by. To help with this challenge, Ingram Micro recently created Partner Technical Enablement (PTE), a pre-sales team that educates solution partners as it works with them on client engagements.

Way to Grow: Capture Opportunities with Partner Technical Enablement

Ingram Micro's Partner Technical Enablement team offers technology consulting to help you better serve new markets and deliver new technologies.
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Small Business Through Ingram Micro

The Ingram Micro small business blog provides tips, tricks, and advice for small-business owners and IT professionals.  It seeks to give business owners and IT professionals a place where they can ask questions, get advice, compare notes, and learn from one another’s mistakes.  The small business blog contributors also highlight unique programs and services that Ingram Micro provides to support your business.

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