Two New Sites Showcase Support Options for Ingram Micro Partners

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Oct 19

Oct 19



Ingram Micro is always adding innovative services and offerings. Check out these recently launched websites to learn how we help you grow your business. 

Shorten the Sales Cycle
Say goodbye to excessive complexity, missed opportunities and struggles with execution. This new site offers solution providers extensive resources and support to help speed up sales cycles, as well as a set of videos that showcase customer stories with a fresh, entertaining style.

“Our partners often tell us ‘We didn’t know you do so much cool stuff.’ These customer success stories talk about our services in a different way that’s fun and very easy to digest,” says Victoria Cunningham, senior marketing communications manager, Ingram Micro. “Take a look at the video on Cluster Networks. You quickly understand a difficult topic and learn about the technology in a visually interesting way.”

Ingram Micro Commerce and Fulfillment
Brands and retailers can turn to this site to learn how Ingram Micro helps them increase global sales and deliver an outstanding buyer experience.

“We want to educate and inform customers about our capabilities. The ‘Why Ingram’ section is a starting point for prospects to understand our capabilities, see the KPIs and review data points. It also explains what we do well: order accuracy, on-time shipments, compliance and more,” says Yolanda Kokayi, director of marketing, commerce and fulfillment, Ingram Micro. Visitors also can find customer stories that build a strong case for large and small retailers to engage with Ingram Micro Commerce and Fulfillment.

“This site tells our story without boring visitors, and it shows the breadth of our services and global footprint. We can help grow your brand and delight your customers,” says Kokayi.

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