Use LinkedIn Like a Pro

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Apr 15

Apr 15



Companies and their employees should be using LinkedIn to promote solutions, services, industry trends and facts. Keep your personal posts on Facebook or Snapchat, and put on your professional game face for LinkedIn. Use your profile to showcase your industry knowledge and establish new business relationships. Don’t be afraid to use some snappy headlines crafted with SEO keywords, which will help your company be discoverable via search.

Here are seven tips to maximize LinkedIn:

1. Promote your skills and successes.
Share articles, in-depth white papers and timely company news. To visually impress your audience, add a banner for best results. Including your industry on your profile can result in 15X more views.

2. Join relevant industry groups.
Don’t use groups to sell, but task a trustworthy source—a technical writer or marketer—to provide a voice of reason. You may just build a reputation as a subject-matter expert or thought leader, allowing you to build a business portfolio as you go.

3. Use your status updates to promote accomplishments.
Don’t post your dinner or vacation pictures to LinkedIn; save those for Instagram. Instead,
post a recent blog and keep your posts succinct, focused and topical.

4. Regularly check your pulse feed.
Your feed is a treasure chest of content you can use for marketing and professional purposes all in the same place. Repurpose the content on Twitter, Google+ or other social media.

5. Create a company page and frequently refresh.
A company page helps you keep a pulse on how your company profile is trending. How many times do you show up in search results? Who’s looking at your company as a prospect?

6. Use LinkedIn to post marketing resources.
These can include collateral materials, presentations, videos or company web pages. Prospects can access these essential materials for the small price of completing a contact form, which allows you to capture details on potential leads.

7. Make connections.
The more you network on LinkedIn, the more successful your profile becomes. Add all past clients, colleagues and co-workers and ask for introductions through shared connections.

When you’re looking at your social strategy, put on your game face and stay professional.

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