Embrace business automation and digital transformation without alienating customers

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Jul 10

Jul 10


IT professionals who transition their businesses from break-fix to managed services report a number of positive changes along the way, such as more predictable, steady income streams and less stressful work environments. However, in the age of remote IT monitoring, business process automation and digital transformations, it’s easy to lose touch with customers. Some partners even report that their primary contact with customers is just prior to renewing their contract.

Simplify the selling motions and enhance your customer experience with Cisco Lifecycle Advantage and the Ingram Micro Reseller Services portal

The Cisco Lifecycle Advantage partner program was created to address the kinds of challenges solution providers face. Lifecycle Advantage combines analytics, automation and personalized content to help partners excel in six distinct “motions” of the sales process:

  • Land. The first motion is the initial sale and includes all products and services attached, plus ownership for integrated account management and delivery of business outcomes. In this phase the partner acknowledges the customer transaction by confirming purchase information, while explaining benefits and providing resources such as a getting started checklist and support user guide.
  • Second chance attach. Remind customers who have recently purchased Cisco equipment of the value of attaching Cisco Services. 
  • Adopt. Educate and enable your customers to realize the value of what they purchased. Help your customers see the value of their purchases and align the business outcomes.
  • Expand. Through the adoption phase you will be able to identify additional expand opportunities. As you align the business outcomes, expand will help identify complementary solutions or refresh opportunities.
  • Refresh. Easily identify products approaching last day of support (LDOS) to help customers migrate to new technology.
  • Renew. Renewals should be a non-event as customers realize the value of the solutions and services they purchased. This campaign will enable you to share the upcoming opportunities by end customer 30/60/90 days out.

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage makes it easier for partners to digitally manage customer relationships and develop in-depth customer engagements, maximizing the value customers receive from their solutions and the revenue that partners earn. 

Using a combination of Cisco and partner data, Lifecycle Advantage automatically sends personalized, cobranded messages at specific milestones over the life of the customers’ purchases. By contacting customers with relevant information about solutions they own at the appropriate time, they’re more likely to realize the full value of their investments and become more loyal.

The Ingram Micro reseller services portal (RSP) is the perfect complement to the Cisco Lifecycle Advantage program. The RSP is a web-enabled application that simplifies the process of tracking maintenance contracts, ensuring partners capture 100% of the contract annuity revenue available.

To get started, log on to the RSP and use the portal’s interface to:

  • Renew services contracts—receive automatic emails 30, 60 and 90 days before the contract expiration date.
  • Attach new services to uncovered assets. 
  • Refresh products for growth opportunities. 
  • Manage customer accounts more efficiently. 

For more information about Lifecycle Advantage, click here, and be sure to check out the next Lifecycle Advantage webinar presented by Ingram Micro by visiting our webinar events page here.

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