Municipalities everywhere are turning to technology solutions to help them achieve their social, economic and environmental goals. According to Deltek’s State and Local IT Market Forecast, state and local demand for vendor-furnished IT systems and services will reach $71 billion in 2019 representing a compound annual growth rate of $8.6 billion in new market spending over a five-year period. Some of the major technology drivers include cloud services, data analytics, mobility, interoperable communications, enterprise and resource planning solutions. 

How Cisco Kinetic enables digital transformation in the public sector

Cisco Kinetic gets the right data to the right applications at the right time—across edge, cloud and hybrid environments.
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IT professionals who transition their businesses from break-fix to managed services report a number of positive changes along the way, such as more predictable, steady income streams and less stressful work environments. However, in the age of remote IT monitoring, business process automation and digital transformations, it’s easy to lose touch with customers. Some partners even report that their primary contact with customers is just prior to renewing their contract.

Embrace business automation and digital transformation without alienating customers

Cisco Lifecycle Advantage helps ensure digital transformations don’t lead to compromised customer experiences.
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If you’re a Cisco partner who’s looking to pursue Cisco Express specialization, make sure the information you’re reading was written after Aug. 2, 2017, otherwise you could be misinformed. Following is a summary of the key updates Cisco partners need to know about.

Cisco Express-level specialization got a huge makeover. Here’s why.

Cisco Express Specialization now provides a clearer path for partners to progress from Select to Express and then to Advanced and Master.
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To better align with Cisco and create a seamless ordering experience, Meraki’s legacy platform will be shut down on July 28, 2018, and starting on July 29 all Meraki orders—including all trial conversions, NFR (not for resale) deals and special pricing opportunities—will be transacted in the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) tool. Ingram Micro’s partners who are already Cisco registered partners (or become registered by the above deadline) won’t be affected by this announcement: Simply continue sending your Meraki quotes and orders to for processing.

Meraki ordering update alert: Legacy platform orders moving to CCW

Starting July 29, 2018, Meraki products will only be orderable on Cisco’s commerce tool, CCW.
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The 9th annual Ingram Micro Cloud Summit was held recently in Boca Raton, Fla., and attracted 1,400 partners, vendors and industry experts. The company announced that its worldwide 2018 first quarter sales were $11.76 billion, up 13% over Q1 2017 ($10.40 billion), with gross margin of 6.33%. Here are a few key takeaways from this year’s event—and from Cisco—you may have missed:

Key takeaways from the 2018 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit

Coinciding with the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, Cisco announced Kubernetes support and an AI company acquisition.
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Let’s face it: Navigating Cisco’s diverse range of solutions and programs can be daunting. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone—Cisco and Ingram Micro offer a wide variety of programs, services and support to help you succeed. Here are 7 specific examples to keep top of mind:

7 Cisco and Ingram Micro resources that can help you win more deals faster

Cisco Capital Financing, CCW-R, Impact, AutoQuote, SuccessHub and Lifecycle Advantage make it easier to increase revenue faster.
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Since Cisco’s acquisition of WebEx Communications in 2007, the term “Webex” has become synonymous with online, real-time meetings, accounting for more than 6 billion meeting minutes every month. Fast forward to late 2014, when Cisco unveiled Spark (originally called Project Squared), and there was some initial confusion among users and partners. Why was Cisco creating a new collaboration service when it already had Webex? The reasoning was that while Webex is all about conferences taking place in designated meeting environments, Spark’s focus was on virtualizing team spaces and enabling mobile access via an Android or iOS app as well as via a web browser.

What the converging of Cisco Spark and Webex means for your customers

Cisco Spark and Webex are converging to enable partners to deliver an AI-powered, mobile-first collaboration experience that plays nice with other collaboration offerings.
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This week at Cisco’s ninth annual marketing conference in Barcelona, Spain, Ingram Micro was recognized with the Marketing Velocity Innovator of the Year award for its creativity, leadership and best practice across the world. Jennifer Johnson, executive director, Marketing, Ingram Micro, accepted the award on behalf of the company, which was recognized for making major advancements to their digital marketing strategy and tactics from previous years by embracing digital and thinking differently. 

Ingram Micro recognized with Innovator of the Year award at Cisco Marketing Velocity 2018

Cisco’s Innovator of the Year award goes to the partner that’s made major advancements to their digital marketing strategy and tactics from previous years.
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According to a State of North American Managed Services research report from The 2112 Group, the average channel partner earns up to 30% of its revenue and as much as 20% of its profit from managed services. Furthermore, managed services are identified as the greatest growth driver for any channel company, outpacing even professional and value-add services in growth contributions. Also revealing is that the majority of MSPs (85%) are currently not offering any form of security services today.

Smart ways Ingram Micro and Cisco can help grow your managed services sales

Selling services and managing them are often two different experiences for partners, but with Ingram Micro’s and Cisco’s resources they don’t have to be.
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Google the phrase “Cisco certifications and specializations,” and in less than half a second (.48 seconds according to the browser) you’ll be presented with more than 500,000 sources attempting to explain and clarify the labyrinth of acronyms, categories and paths partners can take. If you’re a newer Cisco partner looking to figure it all out, it can be especially daunting. But, thankfully, there’s been some improvements to the specialization process, which also means that if you’ve been reading articles about Cisco Express specialization written prior to Aug. 2, 2017, you’re not getting the correct information. Read on to learn the 411 on Cisco’s specialization program makeover.

The 411 on Cisco Express-level specialization makeover and VIP 31

Cisco Express Specialization has been revamped to provide a clearer path for partners to progress from Select to Express and then to Advanced and Master.
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Organizations today are increasingly adopting DevOps strategies to create a competitive advantage with software innovation and deployment. In fact, the 2016 State of DevOps Report, which included feedback from 25,000 technical professionals, found organizations that use DevOps outperformed their mainstream counterparts by more than 2x. One of the challenges of DevOps, agile development and digitization is the huge pressure it puts on IT departments to adopt and deliver faster results without compromising reliability and safety of the network infrastructure.

Fortify your DevOps strategy with Cisco DNA and SD-Access

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) includes SD-Access, a new capability that combines several features to enable intent-based networking (IBN).
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