With Ingram Micro announcing the expansion of its Ecosystem of Cloud to include new cloud delivery platforms at Cloud Summit 2016, many channel partners were eager to learn more about the capabilities of each platform, including the Ingram Micro Cloud Store.

Ingram Micro Unveils New Cloud Store at Cloud Summit 2016

Cloud Evangelist Gabriel Balo introduces the latest weapon in any MSP's arsenal: Cloud Store!
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Vertical markets represent some of the biggest revenue and growth opportunities for channel partners today. To help channel partners expand their reach into this market segment, Ingram Micro Cloud’s Global Vertical Solutions Practice Lead, Dave Murphy, discussed ways Ingram Micro can help partners effectively sell cloud to verticals. 

Ingram Micro Talks Vertical Advantage at Cloud Summit 2016

Attendees learned how to cater to specific markets by offering vertical solutions available on the Cloud Marketplace!
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More than 650 solution providers and industry specialists shuffled into the Grand Saguaro Ballroom at Cloud Summit 2016 to get the first peek into the newest innovations and technologies in the cloud.

Cloud Summit 2016’s Two-Day Tech Fair Attracts Biggest Crowd to Date

If there was one event at Cloud Summit no attendee could afford to miss, then it was the Solutions Showcase Tech Fair!
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Nimesh Davé Delivers “Do More with More” Keynote Address at Cloud Summit 2016

Nimesh Davé explains how to solve for the problem of complexity in scale in the cloud. The answer is Ingram Micro's Ecosystem of Cloud!
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Grammy-Nominated Musician Thomas Dolby Takes Main Stage at Cloud Summit 2016

Thomas Dolby inspired Cloud Summit 2016 attendees with stories from his life, ranging from his time as a performer to his life as an entrepreneur.
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The second day of general session opened with Bill Karpovich, GM of IBM Cloud Platform taking main stage to enlighten the packed room of attendees on the power of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud.

IBM Taps into Hybrid Cloud Strategy at Cloud Summit 2016

Bill Karpovich, GM of IBM Cloud Platform, took main stage to enlighten the packed room at Cloud Summit 2016 on the power of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud.
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Darren Bibby is IDC's Program Vice President, Channels and Alliances Research. Bibby and his team provide analysis and insight into how global IT vendors go to market with their channel partners. And so, for the first keynote on the final day of Cloud Summit 2016, most attendees were expecting to digest a lot of data. Instead, Darren used stories to paint us a picture of the partner of the future.

Cloud Summit 2016 Darren Bibby Keynote – The Partner of the Future

Darren Bibby delivers a stirring keynote address at Cloud Summit 2016, using poignant stories to illustrate what cloud partners will be in the future.
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Among the most prominent themes at Cloud Summit 2016 is the role of Odin Service Automation as the technology powering cloud delivery platforms, one of the most essential components of a successful cloud practice. Since the acquisition of Odin by Ingram Micro in December 2015, cloud partners and industry enthusiasts (myself included) have been eager to understand more about the technology and how a partnership with Ingram Micro might shape the product roadmap and deliver more value to the channel. In search of these answers I attended 3 Odin breakout sessions.

Cloud Summit 2016 - Focus on Odin

Here's a comprehensive overview of what Odin is bringing to Ingram Micro now and in the future!
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Ingram Micro Taps into the Benefits of the Cloud Referral Program

Even though cloud is the future, not every MSP and VAR is ready to make that transition. But Cloud Referral gives them a taste of cloud profits.
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We are sitting in this big room called the Internet — an interactive, interconnected network that allows you to develop relationships and interact with anyone virtually anywhere. Building your personal brand through social media is the name of the game in this heightened digital era. So how do you separate yourself from your competition in this digitally-motivated business landscape? The answer, according to Ingram Micro’s Kyle Peterson, is two words: social selling.

Ingram Micro Shares Ways You Can Drive Business through Social Selling

Cloud Summit 2016 attendees were taught the secret art of social selling and discovered how Cloud Echo can help them boost their signals.
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Cloud Summit 2016’s celebrity guest speaker seldom needs an introduction, but astronaut and author Buzz Aldrin got one today as he approached the main stage. Cue the video of the iconic Apollo 11 moon landing, Buzz and Neil in the cockpit, the letters U S A stamped clearly on the side of the rocket as they blast off into space to do what no man has done before.

Buzz Aldrin Delivers Keynote Address at Cloud Summit 2016

Buzz Aldrin delivered a powerful keynote address at Cloud Summit 2016 that inspired attendees to break through barriers!
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