Graphics processing units (GPUs) have come a long way. What used to be a tool that simply took binary data from the central processor to render images … could now help fight cancer. Now that’s progress.

Expert Q&A: the colorful world of GPUs

Learn more about GPU technology.
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As we become a more connected world, wars won’t be fought with soldiers on battlefields. Information will win wars, according to our experts. Hackers are more sophisticated, destructive and globally dispersed than ever before. We need to stop thinking of them as lone wolves in basements and start thinking armies of global cybercriminals.

5 technologies the government must consider to protect us

Discover the technologies that will keep the government secure.
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What’s the difference between data centers and disco music? Disco’s dead, baby.

5 reasons data centers will stay alive

Learn what will keep the data center relevant.
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According to CompTIA, 60% of Americans want to live in a smart city, but only 10% of officials feel confident in bringing it to life. Safety is certainly at the top of the list when considering any municipal transformation of this magnitude. Considering 20.8 billion connected “things” will be in use worldwide by 2020, cities are under immense pressure as citizens demand technological progress.  

4 IoT tips to make your city safer

Learn how IoT can make cities safer.
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They may be just entering medical school now, but the next generation of medical and dental professionals will be “digital natives” who never knew a world without smartphones. That could be all it takes to push VR and AR into mainstream, everyday healthcare practices. How soon we see this digital transformation is yet to be seen, but it surely gets us thinking about the possibilities.

The doctor is in … a headset: the future of VR and AR in mainstream healthcare

Learn how VR and AR will change healthcare.
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Unlike humans in law enforcement, AI technology doesn’t get tired, let emotions fog its judgment, work on “a hunch,” or make mistakes (unless components or the human who programmed it caused the error). Those reasons alone make a case for the government to consider taking the next big step in terms of using AI to prevent and solve crimes.

CSI AI? 3 ways AI will be used to solve crimes.

Learn how AI will be used to solve crimes.
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There are more IoT devices in the world than humans, according to Gartner. Brick-and-mortar retailers—those vying to remain in business—are increasingly aware of the need to “meet customers where they are” in terms of IoT, AI and analytics. Therefore, for many businesses IoT makes a lot of sense. But with new data-driven experiences comes new risk—and it’s more than just security.

3 retail IoT risks that aren’t about security (and how to mitigate them)

Are IoT-enabled retailers considering all the risks?
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Infographic: Build the ultimate gamer setup

Learn what gamers want in their battlestations.
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Doing more with less. We could leave it at that when describing hyperconvergence and how it’s charming IT managers and shrinking data centers worldwide. We thought we’d go a step further with some FAQs.

The must-read hyperconvergence FAQ

Get the very latest on hyperconvergence.
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Just as virtualization technology did a few years ago, container technology is changing the way IT pros carry out daily operations. Virtual machines are siloed, each with their own OS, whereas containers share the same OS, libraries, components, etc. Although there are many benefits of virtual machines, many SMBs are considering the true value of containers. Do they make processes faster? Is sharing libraries safe? Do they promote flexible IT? What about OpEx? 

4 things you should know about container technology

From development to deployment, get the latest on containers.
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Nearly 1.3 million lives are lost in car accidents worldwide each year. That’s more than 3,000 deaths a day. Will we one day see a law passed deeming human driving illegal?

Our top picks: autonomous vehicle innovators

See which companies are winning the driverless car race.
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