Infographic: Behold: The future of IoT in retail

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Jun 05

Jun 05



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Brick and mortar retail stores must adapt as consumers demand tech-enabled shopping experiences that are convenient, fast and economical. The Internet of Things (IoT) will play a critical role in this transformation.

Imagine yourself journeying through the following fully connected shopping experience

As you drive toward your retail destination, your connected car receives alerts from the store’s parking lot. IR sensors identify prime, empty parking spaces and guide you to them.

Upon entry to the store, your device is recognized. Personalized coupons are sent to you based on your personal buying history. On-sale items that may appeal to you are also presented.

You make your way to the virtual fitting room. Instead of taking the time to physically locate and try on clothes, augmented reality enables you to swipe through clothes, virtually fitted to your body in mirror-like screens. Select only the clothes (and suggested accessories) you want to try on—an attendant will bring them to you.

Continue your journey through tomorrow’s retail shopping experience:

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