corporate data backup.jpgAccording to the recent comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service Attitudes & Adoption Report, 80 percent of the ActualTech Media enterprise survey respondents continue to use yesterday’s technology for disaster recovery or do not leverage the cloud. This poses both an opportunity as well as a challenge for value-added resellers (VARs) and managed services providers (MSPs) that provide cloud services in terms of delivering the right corporate data backup solutions for their clients. The opportunity of delivering solutions and services cannot be met unless they fully understand what to look for in data backup vendors.

3 Things to Look for in Corporate Data Backup Vendors

Here are three broad areas of things to look for in corporate data backup vendors.
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Components Through Ingram Micro

Through Ingram Micro you have access to all three categories of SSD: consumer (SATA), enterprise (PCIE/SAS) and SSD-related software. Even better, we provide the expertise required to help you implement these into your product and services offerings.
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