The rapid evolution of technology from software-defined networking and mobility to virtualization, the cloud, IoT, big data, and a host of other factors is changing the role and structure of the modern data center. This also holds true for the experts who staff these data centers.

Data Center Training for Every Level of Expertise

Almost every major data center technology provider has training and certification programs that encompass introductory through advanced positions.
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When you’re discussing storage solutions, it’s not uncommon for a client to throw around terms to discuss the potential storage capacity of a solid-state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) that are more technical than just “big” or “small.” Whether you’re talking with an IT person or someone at the C-suite level, they’re probably going to be speaking the language of storage, and that’s a language of bits and bytes, megs and gigs.

What is the Order of Computer Storage Units for Memory?

This will help you understand computer storage units and drive sizes on the most basic level.
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With all signs pointing to continued consumer adoption of solid-state drives (SSDs) as a data storage solution alongside a slow but steady migration away from hard disk drives (HDDs), there are a few factors that always sell clients on SSDs. SSDs are lightning fast compared to HDDs, and they are getting faster. They’re incredibly physically small and pack a tremendous amount of storage for their physical size. Until now, clients may have had questions about the reliability of SSDs due to old metrics. But for recent generations of SSDs, reliability is as much of a selling point as the other impressive characteristics of high-performance SSDs.

How SSD Reliability is A Good Thing For Clients

SSD reliability is as much of a selling point as their other impressive characteristics of the newer models.
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In this day and age, a partner is bombarded with information about the most impressive new developments in computing technology; from storage to services, and from motherboards to memory. With the rate of technological advancement moving at a breakneck pace, a partner can sometimes struggle with separating the long-haul technological innovations from the flash-in-the-pan fads.

Benefits Of SSD – An SSD Primer for Partners

The benefits of SSD: our primer for partners who sell storage solutions.
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Of all the world-changing evolutions in computing technologies over the past few decades, data storage technology has experienced some of the biggest breakthroughs. Those technological advances, vital to the way that people worldwide both conduct business and carry on in their personal lives, don’t tend to grab headlines the way bold innovations in communications technology such as the emergence of the mobile workforce or the advent of social media do.

The Brief History of Computer Storage Units & How We Got Here

By looking at the history of computer storage units, we can see how far things have come and understand what the future of data storage may hold.
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Solid state drives (SSDs) have been around for decades, with the first SSDs being confined to military and research use.  Hard disk drive (HDD) technology sprung up during this time, dominating the flourishing computer market, and going from being nearly unheard of technology at the beginning of the 1980s to being a need-to-have storage component be the end of the decade.

4 Benefits of SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference?

The following four benefits of SSD demonstrate the places where it will most effectively meet a customer’s needs, and why.
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Solid-state drives (SSDs) operate on a completely different technological principal than mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs), so naturally there is different terminology to describe SSD technology. Instead of talking about data buffers, cylinders, and sectors, SDD technology is described in terms of flash storage and IOPS. So you need to be prepared to use the right terminology to educate customers about the superior performance of SSD technology.

12 Terms VARs Should Teach Customers About SSD Technology

12 ways to use the right terminology to educate customers about the superior performance of SSD technology.
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Sometimes in sales, you find yourself up against someone who is diametrically opposed to your point of view. In the case of SSDs, for instance, this would be someone who believes that HDDs are still the best choice for their business.

6 SSD Advantages to Consider when Debating with an HDD

Consider these 6 SSD advantages when debating with an HDD.
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For price-conscious clients, there’s no question: HDDs are a better choice than SSDs. At least, that is their usual knee-jerk reaction when they look at the prices of comparable-capacity SSDs and HDDs.        

Why Running an SSD Comparison Can Save Money Long Term

The way to form a long-term HDD and SSD comparison is to consider the differences between their respective architectures.
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It is an undeniable fact that on a per gigabyte basis, SSDs cost more than HDDs. But as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. When it comes to the benefits of SSDs clients receive in comparison to HDDs, the benefits far outweigh the additional cost.

How the Benefits of SSD Outweigh the Cost

The benefits of SSD that clients' receive far outweigh the costs.
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Understanding what makes an SSD different than an HDD is vital for any VAR hoping to sell SSDs to their clients. So here is a short breakdown of what makes SSDs different – and better.

A Simple SSD Comparison to HDD

Here's a look at an SSD comparison to HDD.
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