Imagine having to wait a half hour to download your favorite apps. Imagine Google taking minutes, not split seconds, to process a search for cute puppy memes. Thanks to solid-state drives (SSDs), we don’t have to. (We also get some peace and quiet, with the elimination of those loud spinning disks.)

4 tips for building SSDs into your data center

Find a winning HDD/SSD mix, get denser, know your price per gig …
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NVM Express (NVMe) has been tempting data center operators around the globe with its groundbreaking method of accessing storage media. Often looked at as the latest industry darling, NVMe lowers power consumption by reducing latency in the host software stack—all while increasing input/output operations.

Data center pros: 4 things you should know about NVM Express

Mind-blowing RAID configurations, 1U petabytes, NVMe over Fabrics …
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There are nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe. According to IDC, the data we create and copy annually will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes, by 2020.

4 ways high-density data centers can reduce operational costs

NVMe, maximized cooling …and more
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We often treat virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) like reality TV stars—we pit them against each other and we sometimes confuse them for one another.

VR and AR uses worth talking about

VR for trade shows, AR for military …
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Small and midsize businesses often share the same conundrum: a critical need to showcase their product but limited funds to do so. These budgetary restrictions include the high travel costs required to physically demonstrate solutions for prospects, both at the prospect’s location and at trade shows.

Are SMBs missing out on winning deals with VR?

No travel budget? No problem.
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The most popular requests from consumers interviewed for VR (virtual reality) content include lifestyle activities such as concerts and sports, according to Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

4 VR uses for live events that should go mainstream

Live concerts, sporting events and more.
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 From remote door locks and smart lights to facial recognition cameras and virtual assistants, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our home lives. What’s notable is how these solutions are just as much about empowering us when we’re not home as when we’re home. Here are 5 IoT products for the home that consumers are investing in.

5 IoT solutions for the home that consumers love

Discover our top 5, present and future.
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Gartner forecasts that 20.8 billion connected “things” will be in use worldwide by 2020. The Internet of Things (IoT) will forever change how we work, play, dine, learn, communicate, shop and drive (or don’t drive, thanks to autonomous vehicles). Since we can’t blog about all 20.8 billion connected things, here are our top 5 markets for IoT-enabled technology, representing the present and future.

Our top 5 markets for IoT—present and future

Discover our top 5 markets for IoT , present and future.
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Deep learning is now recognized as the fastest-growing field in machine learning. As a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning is projected to play a critical role in the future of medical research, autonomous transportation, speech and image recognition, and much more. 

FAQ: Deep learning

Discover the technology that’s changing the future of healthcare, speech recognition, driving and more.
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5 tidbits on IoT and autonomous transportation

Connected vehicles are here. They’re just waiting for other connected “things.” Read more here.
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