value added reseller business model.jpgToday's value-added resellers (VARs) are operating in a cloud-driven business landscape where they must create value added reseller business models that clearly emphasize what they can do for a customer rather than what they can sell them. The cloud and other major interrelated factors are shifting the ground underneath vendors as well.

The Vendors That Every Value-Added-Reseller Business Model Needs to Include

Here are the vendors that every value-added-reseller business model needs to include.
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OEM company.jpgAccording to the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2017 Predictions, third-platform technologies and services will drive nearly 75 percent of IT spending by 2019. The third-platform technologies (cloud, mobile, social, and big data technologies) have matured to the point where they have transformed the world in which businesses operate.

Which OEM You Should Work With: Our 3 Tips

Choosing an OEM company can be a difficult process, but here are three tips to help focus on what is important in the relationship.
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ssd reliablity.jpgIn a recent FAST 2016 paper titled Flash Reliability in Production, an eye-catching conclusion was that MLC drives are as reliable as the more costly SLC "enterprise" drives. Whether you’re a value-added reseller (VAR) helping end users make SSD choices for client or enterprise needs, both end-user groups see SSD reliability as the aspect that matters the most. That doesn’t mean that all other considerations are inconsequential, but across all use scenarios, reliability is the aspect that can ultimately progress or halt the business.

Why SSD Reliability Is the Only Thing That Matters for Your Customers

Here are a few reasons why SSD reliability is the only thing that matters for your customers.
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ssd_comparison.jpgAs value-added resellers’ (VARs) clients begin looking beyond the comparisons of solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives when they are armed with data such as the benefits of SSD over HDD, comparisons of SSD to HDD, and the beneficial differences of SSD over HDD. Armed with this knowledge, the need to compare SSDs becomes the logical conclusion of those engagements. While SSD comparison can be generally reduced to finding the appropriate type of flash memory, size, performance, and interface type required for your usage scenario, here are six thoughts on these and other areas that VAR clients should consider.

6 Thoughts When Conducting an SSD Comparison

Here are six thoughts that VAR clients should consider when conducting an SSD comparison.
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ssd_technology.jpgNow that every business and organization is a part of the digital economy, cloud computing is shifting into overdrive as the amount of data continues to grow exponentially. According to IDC, the spending on infrastructure for cloud environments will hit $38.2 billion in 2016. All of these data must reside somewhere, which means that data centers and high-speed networks will continue to expand in order to deliver those data to enterprises, as well as end users across the globe.

Is SSD Technology Affecting the Way We Use the Cloud?

Here we'll explore how SSD technology is changing the way the cloud is being utilized.
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5_Powerful_Stats_Showing_Why_SSD_Lifespan_Is_Better_Than_HDD_Lifespan.jpgAlthough the evidence clearly shows that solid-state drives (SSDs) have a superior lifespan to that of hard disk drives (HDDs), the concept of lifespan is a murky issue. This is because there are no true defined averages to how much data a person will write to his or her drive on a daily basis. Then there is the difference between consumer and enterprise-class usage patterns.

5 Powerful Stats Showing Why SSD Lifespan Is Better Than HDD Lifespan

Here are a few statistics that show why and how SSD lifespan is better than HDD lifespan.
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3_Benefits_of_SSD_over_HDD.jpgWe’ve reached the point in the discussion around the benefits of solid-state drives (SSDs) versus hard disk drives (HDDs) in broad terms from a perspective of benefits, the perspective of general comparison, and from the standpoint of analogies and general technology. Let’s look at three benefits of SSD over HDD purely from the standpoint of speed in different scenarios.

When we talk about speed of an SSD over an HDD, it’s important to remember that speed alone cannot operate as an independent factor of superiority. Speed must be viewed as one of three interrelated aspects of performance, with the other two being reliability and endurance. 

3 Benefits of SSD over HDD

Let’s look at three benefits of SSD over HDD from the standpoint of speed.
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SSD_Advantages-1.jpgArmed with the knowledge of the many advantages of solid-state drives (SSDs), value-added resellers (VARs) are increasingly being asked if the hard disk drive (HDD) is dead. There is certainly ample evidence that can lend credence to that scenario, but the decision for clients to move to SSDs is about SSD advantages and their superiority as a solution for their particular need.

SSD Advantages: Is HDD Dead?

the decision for clients to move to SSDs is about SSD advantages and their superiority as a solution for their particular need.
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computer_storage_units.jpgComputer storage for client and enterprise tracks has never been in higher demand, with unending and varied data driving every business and organization. Storage efficiency, higher capacity and performance, reducing power consumption and cost, or any combination of these can be defining characteristics of the computer storage units that your clients may choose to rely on this year.

Which Computer Storage Units Should You Rely on This Year?

Computer storage units for client and enterprise tracks has never been in higher demand, learn more.
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Components Through Ingram Micro

Through Ingram Micro you have access to all three categories of SSD: consumer (SATA), enterprise (PCIE/SAS) and SSD-related software. Even better, we provide the expertise required to help you implement these into your product and services offerings.
hgst white paper ssd
hgst white paper ssd