shutterstock_470962637.jpg Americans spend $30.2 billion out of pocket annually on unconventional health approaches, according to NCHS. The willingness to invest in complementary health options is good news for both the retail market (wearables, etc.) and healthcare organizations willing to innovate with new procedures and technologies. Many of these innovations will rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) for data tracking, alerts, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and more.

Are we willing to spend more on IoT-enabled healthcare?

Subdermal implants, the next level of wearables, air quality sensors …
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shutterstock_513478264.jpg2017 is poised to become the year when virtual reality becomes, well, real. The number of VR users is over 43 million and the virtual reality market is expected to be worth $30 billion by 2020. Now that fast-processing compute power and the ability to load imagery through SSD have finally caught up with the vision of VR pioneers, virtual reality is moving beyond hardcore gamers and into our everyday lives.

How to build a powerful PC for virtual reality in healthcare

Read this blog and discover the powerful components necessary to power a PC for virtual reality in healthcare.
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shutterstock_499946137.jpgIn 1935, a short story was published about a goggle-based system that created realistic, holographic experiences. Sound familiar? Even in the ’30s, people were already dreaming of virtual reality. But, today, VR is no longer science fiction; it’s a major disruptor in many different fields, including healthcare, where the global market could reach $3.8 billion by 2020.

3 ways virtual reality is disrupting healthcare

Find out three ways that VR is changing healthcare--from radiology to the OR to the front office.
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Components Through Ingram Micro

Through Ingram Micro you have access to all three categories of SSD: consumer (SATA), enterprise (PCIE/SAS) and SSD-related software. Even better, we provide the expertise required to help you implement these into your product and services offerings.
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