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Lack of an omnichannel could spell doom for retailers, solution providers

Retailers won’t survive without omnichannel commerce. Are you ready to help implementation?
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Much has been written about EMV adoption in the U.S., but most of the discussion has been focused on retail deployments. But EMV adoption within the restaurant vertical has been slow to take place mainly because EMV requires workflow changes in addition to technology investments. 

Why your EMV sales pitch won’t work for restaurants

If restaurants aren’t pressured to upgrade to EMV solution providers can have added success focusing on the value and capabilities of today’s payment terminals.
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Why EMV is just the beginning of payment security

Payment security is part of a holistic total service and solution approach today’s solution providers need to take with their retail and restaurant customers.
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Dispel 3 common EMV adoption myths

Retailers—and even some solution providers—are letting these 3 myths slow their move to EMV-ready solutions.
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If you think EMV is in our rearview mirror, you’re wrong—and missing out on a great revenue generator. Looking back, there was obviously a lot of hype and uncertainty in the U.S. POS and payments industries as we led up to the Oct. 2015 EMV liability shift. Many factors created a “Y2K-like” moment that passed with little fanfare. When the deadline passed, many retailers saw that there wasn’t suddenly more fraud or even enough to compel them to continue to act with urgency concerning EMV upgrades. However, unlike Y2K, just because your customers made it past the date in question doesn’t mean that they’re in the clear. Additionally, it doesn’t mean that EMV isn’t still a significant opportunity for you.

Why EMV is still an opportunity in 2017

Think EMV is behind us? Learn why your retailer and restaurant customers are at risk and why you should be making EMV upgrades a priority in 2017.
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If you’ve ever been to a hotel gift shop you may have noticed something fairly common: space is limited.

Ring up big profits with space-saving retail solutions for hospitality

Read why hotels crave compact cash drawers and printers
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3 Best POS Sales Opportunities for 2017

Here are three POS sales opportunities that will benefit both you and your clients in 2017:
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4 Tips for Securing Your Client's POS System

Here are four strategies you can use to help your clients secure their POS system.
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By 2021, smartphone- and tablet-based mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals will handle more than one-fifth of all retail transaction value, Juniper Research reports. That’s a 400 percent increase over 2016, and a significant change for many value-added resellers (VARs).

Seizing the mPOS Opportunity: What VARs Need to Know

Because so many business models can enjoy the benefits of mPOS, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities to expand your client base. Here’s what you need to know
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Data Capture/POS Through Ingram Micro

A part of the Ingram Micro Specialty Solutions Division, the Data Capture/POS business unit (BU) empowers channel partners to tap into high-margin sales and service opportunities around select vertical markets by offering best-in-class products, solutions, business support resources, geographical reach, professional services and inventory management. 
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