3 Best POS Sales Opportunities for 2017

Here are three POS sales opportunities that will benefit both you and your clients in 2017:
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4 Tips for Securing Your Client's POS System

Here are four strategies you can use to help your clients secure their POS system.
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By 2021, smartphone- and tablet-based mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals will handle more than one-fifth of all retail transaction value, Juniper Research reports. That’s a 400 percent increase over 2016, and a significant change for many value-added resellers (VARs).

Seizing the mPOS Opportunity: What VARs Need to Know

Because so many business models can enjoy the benefits of mPOS, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities to expand your client base. Here’s what you need to know
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Does anyone enjoy waiting? Of course not. Everyone wants to get on with their life and avoid long lines if at all possible—especially if they’re on vacation or on business travel.

Pay and go: How mobile payment devices shorten customer wait times

Now that mobile payment devices have reached the hospitality market, those days of waiting in line are about to become extinct.
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Are your small-business clients are migrating to tablet point-of-sale (POS) systems?  If so, they’re not alone.

How Small Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Their Tablet POS

As your customers consider or move to tablet POS, here are four strategies to get the most out of a POS solution.
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You’ve heard the terms “mPOS” and “mobile point of sale” more times than you can count in the past few years. But are all types of mobile POS solutions the same?

Are All Mobile POS Solutions the Same?

You’ve heard the terms “mPOS” more times than you can count in the past few years. But are all types of mobile POS solutions the same?
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Imagine walking into a hotel lobby to confirm your reservation and check in to your room. As you walk through the door, you notice no one is at the counter. In fact, there’s no counter, only a set of kiosks where a person used to stand.

Meet the New Virtual Concierge

Learn about how Ingram Micro can help you can deploy a virtual kiosk solution for your hospitality customers today.
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A survey of 3,500 sports-event attendees in eight countries revealed that more than 40 percent abandoned concession lines—without a purchase—due to excessive wait times. After safety and overall venue environment, those surveyed listed food and beverages as most important to the fan experience.

3 Ways That Mobile Point of Sale Is Revolutionizing Live Events

Here's how live events can be a golden opportunity for merchants selling mPOS.
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Are you seeing more interest in tablet point-of-sale systems among your small-business clients? It’s not surprising.

5 Benefits of a Tablet Point-of-Sale System for Small Businesses

It’s clear from these adoption rates that many business owners are jumping into the tablet point-of-sale market. Here’s why:
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Data Capture/POS Through Ingram Micro

A part of the Ingram Micro Specialty Solutions Division, the Data Capture/POS business unit (BU) empowers channel partners to tap into high-margin sales and service opportunities around select vertical markets by offering best-in-class products, solutions, business support resources, geographical reach, professional services and inventory management. 
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