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Aug 09

Aug 09

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shutterstock_564596032.jpgLast year Juniper Research estimated that smartphone- and tablet-based mobile POS devices will account for 20% of all transactions by 2021—up from an expected 4% in 2016. Large and small retailers alike are adopting mobile POS solutions to better engage with customers and increase efficiencies. Whether supplementing traditional POS systems or replacing them, we’re eventually going to have a lot of mobile POS devices to manage, particularly when you add in mobile printers. For solution providers, this can present a huge challenge, but also a terrific opportunity.

Track mobile POS devices

Retailers don’t just have fixed POS terminals anymore. Mobile POS devices are expensive business tools now floating throughout the store, making them prone to theft or damage. By providing geofencing solutions to your customers, it’s possible to track where devices are within a store and get alerts if they leave the area.

In the event a device is lost or stolen, mobile device management software can be used to disable the device and even remotely wipe data from the device if desired. Additionally, depending on the capabilities of the mobile POS solution, it might be possible to use GPS to locate the missing system.

Keep mobile POS systems charged

Being mobile means the devices are only effective as long as they have power. As such, it’s important to offer your customers docking stations where the devices can be charged not only overnight, but throughout the day. Physical security is an important part of such a charging solution.

Monitor, manage mobile POS devices

Some customers can have hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices in use, making upkeep a real challenge. By leveraging mobile device management software, it’s possible to easily monitor the devices of all your customers from one pane of glass. You can be notified if devices are running low on storage or have failing memory. Mobile printers can be monitored for performance as well.

Additionally, software updates can be pushed out remotely from the console to all devices, saving time and ensuring the systems are running on the most current versions.

Remote monitoring = recurring revenue

Retailers and restaurants want to focus on their core business initiatives, not waste time tracking and updating their POS equipment. If you’re looking for a new recurring revenue stream with nearly no overhead, bundling all the above into a single proactive service is a desirable value-added service to provide. Talk to your Ingram Micro rep about offering mobile device management today.

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