Business slows down a bit for solution providers in December, which makes it the perfect time to do a self-assessment of the previous year and formulate a game plan for the following one. We spoke with Daryl Schuster, Ingram Micro’s barcoding and POS expert, to get his opinion on 2018’s most significant retail trends and where you should focus your energy in 2019. According to Schuster, the biggest DCPOS trends of 2019 are centered on customers—both your customers and the customers they serve.

DCPOS trends to take to the bank in 2019

Focusing on these 4 DCPOS trends will greatly increase your chances of having a profitable and successful 2019.
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If you’re a retail-focused solution provider, it might feel like the volume and rate of change in the industry is happening at bewildering speeds. The truth is, retail technology has been evolving for more than a century. What we’re experiencing today is just the most recent cycle of retail innovation. While these changes might feel overwhelming, they are actually creating one of the biggest opportunities this industry has had in decades.

Don’t miss the retail (r)evolution

There’s never been a better time to sell retail IT solutions. Find out why and learn how to capitalize on opportunities.
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With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the last thing retailers need is to worry about their payment security and whether they—and their customers—could become the victims of a breach. The threat is, and always will be, there. Take a peek at the Breach Level Index for a sobering look at some statistics.

Here’s your holiday payment security checklist

Keep retailers and their customers safe from breaches during the upcoming holiday season by following this advice.
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Even though most retailers staff up for the holiday shopping season, we’ve all suffered frustrating shopping experiences where lines are long, wait times test our patience, items are out of stock and we leave more annoyed than joyful. It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right technology, lines can move faster, sales lost to long wait times can be saved and customers can have positive shopping experiences.

4 ways to help retailers with holiday line-busting

Here are some simple ways you can help retailers speed up holiday lines and improve customer experience.
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Building an effective supply chain management solution takes real skill and a lot of careful consideration. Any number of mistakes can lead to costly delays in the implementation or, worse, your customer having paid for a solution that doesn’t do what they need it to.

Supply chain management solution checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your next supply chain management solution fully addresses your customers’ needs.
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DCPOS-focused IT solution providers don’t often think of the hotel market as one bursting with opportunity. From the outside, hotels might look as challenging as government to crack into. While there are some challenges to navigate, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine. Once you understand the landscape and establish some key relationships, you could be on your way to diverse revenue streams.

Hotels need your DCPOS solutions (and a whole lot more)

Here’s why hotels are a great opportunity for DCPOS solution providers, especially if they’re willing to sell adjacent technology.
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With so much happening in the retail and restaurant IT space, this year’s RetailNOW (Aug. 5–8 in Nashville) will afford attendees with priceless information that’s critical to short- and long-term success. What new technologies can you sell? What are the threats to your business and how can you address them? How can you differentiate yourself? Most importantly, how can you grow your business?

POS and payments reimagined at RetailNOW 2018

Ingram Micro’s acquisition of The Phoenix Group (TPG) gives retail solution providers every service and product needed to deliver complete customized POS and payment solutions faster than the competition.
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Companies in the manufacturing vertical have a lot on their minds. Ever-increasing operating costs, new global competition, regulations and uncertainties pertaining to materials (e.g., metals, electronics) have placed added pressure on organizations. Today, many are looking to use auto-ID technology to:

Deliver smart factory capabilities to your manufacturing customers

By leveraging barcoding, RFID and IoT technologies, solution providers can deliver smart factory-like results to small manufacturers.
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