If you’ve ever been to a hotel gift shop you may have noticed something fairly common: space is limited.

Ring up big profits with space-saving retail solutions for hospitality

Read why hotels crave compact cash drawers and printers
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Does anyone enjoy waiting? Of course not. Everyone wants to get on with their life and avoid long lines if at all possible—especially if they’re on vacation or on business travel.

Pay and go: How mobile payment devices shorten customer wait times

Now that mobile payment devices have reached the hospitality market, those days of waiting in line are about to become extinct.
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Imagine walking into a hotel lobby to confirm your reservation and check in to your room. As you walk through the door, you notice no one is at the counter. In fact, there’s no counter, only a set of kiosks where a person used to stand.

Meet the New Virtual Concierge

Learn about how Ingram Micro can help you can deploy a virtual kiosk solution for your hospitality customers today.
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Data Capture/POS Through Ingram Micro

Interested in mobile payments, data capture solutions, the evolving retail experience and more? You’ve come to the right place.

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