Compared to EMV adoption in other parts of the world, companies in the United States have experienced significant bumps and bruises while transitioning to chip cards. That’s because of the complexity of the credit and debit card system here in the US.

3 Things to Learn from the Rocky EMV Transition

What can you learn from the EMV transition so far that will help smooth the path for business owners who have not yet upgraded at the point of sale?
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Did you know the number of active Visa chip cards in the United States now exceeds the American population? The total also tops the next two largest markets in the world—Brazil and the UK—combined.

3 EMV-Compliant Point-of-Sale Solutions

Here are three EMV-compliant solutions you can recommend to clients:
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As the United States moves into the post-EMV-transition world, you might be asking whether or not chip cards have helped reduce fraud. But the answer isn't a simple one.

Have EMV Chip Cards Helped Lower Fraud?

Here's what you need to know about EMV adoption and fraud rates.
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Is PCI compliance creating headaches for your customers? While meeting the standard can seem like a difficult process, it doesn't have to be.

5 PCI Compliance Mistakes and How to Help Your Customers Avoid Them

You can help your clients ratchet up data security by spotting these five common PCI compliance mistakes along with recommended fixes.
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Did you know there's a strong correlation between a lack of full PCI compliance and a higher likelihood of sustaining a data breach that compromises valuable payment-card information? It's true.

What is PCI Compliance, and Why Should Value-Added Resellers Care?

Here's a short refresher on exactly what PCI compliance is and why VARs need to know about it.
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Does the thought of PCI compliance make you or your clients break out in a cold sweat? It shouldn't.

A PCI Compliance Checklist to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Does the thought of PCI compliance make you or your clients break out in a cold sweat? It shouldn't. Use this checklist.
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Did you know that during the US EMV transition as many as 15 million point-of-sale terminals had to be replaced? The scale of the adoption process has been much larger than for any other country in the world.

Did the Card Industry Fail VARs and Merchants with the Move to EMV?

During the US EMV transition, 15 million POS terminals had to be replaced. Were VARs and business owners left in the dust? Find out here.
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You probably know that more and more businesses are looking for ways to improve the customer experience. That's especially true within the retail environment.

How to Acquire New Customers Within the Retail Environment

How can you help potential clients create a more positive experience for their customers? Find out here.
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In the months following the EMV transition, you probably saw a lot of numbers revolving around merchant adoption and the number of chip cards in circulation. Here are six stats on the American migration to EMV that you might have missed.

6 Stats You Didn't Know About the EMV Transition

Here are six stats on the American migration to EMV that you might have missed.
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As the post-EMV transition rolls along, it's easy for business owners who haven't yet upgraded to chip technology to get lost in the shuffle. After all, some merchants may see the so-called liability shift as optional.

3 Facts to Show Your Customers the Importance of EMV Compliance

Use these facts and figures as ammunition when talking with customers about EMV.
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A 2016 survey of 55 major retailers that had each experienced a data breach in the past (including 50 large chains plus five smaller merchants) indicates that more than four in 10 (41.8 percent) have yet to upgrade any terminals in their stores to EMV. An additional 23 percent of survey respondents have upgraded fewer than half of their point-of-sale (POS) devices.

2 Ways to Help Your Customers Become EMV-Compliant

Help clients get past their excuses and get EMV-compliant as soon as possible with these tips.
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