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Infographic: Get your payment processing sales guide

This infographic will help ensure you’re building the best possible POS and payment solution for your customers.
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Infographic: Why now is the right time to get into the payments game

Want to learn more about the lucrative world of payment processing? This infographic will jump-start your education.
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Few things frustrate consumers more than out-of-stock items when they’re ready to make a purchase. Unless there’s some compelling reason to wait, most people will shop elsewhere if the product they need isn’t available.

Are you ready to capitalize on omnichannel, RFID trends?

Retailers are seeking beacon and mobile wallet technologies to improve customer experiences in-store. What role are you playing?
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Good news. Thanks to new technologies, your brick-and-mortar retail customers can make the customer experience almost as easy and engaging as shopping online.

How beacons and mobile wallets are helping brick-and-mortar retail

Retailers are seeking beacon and mobile wallet technologies to improve customer experiences in-store. What role are you playing?
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Cash in on the mobile trend for restaurants

It’s only a matter of time before every restaurant requires mobile POS and payment capabilities. Are you ready to capitalize?
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Last year Juniper Research estimated that smartphone- and tablet-based mobile POS devices will account for 20% of all transactions by 2021—up from an expected 4% in 2016. Large and small retailers alike are adopting mobile POS solutions to better engage with customers and increase efficiencies. Whether supplementing traditional POS systems or replacing them, we’re eventually going to have a lot of mobile POS devices to manage, particularly when you add in mobile printers. For solution providers, this can present a huge challenge, but also a terrific opportunity.

Make money with mobile POS management

If you’re looking for a new recurring revenue stream, monitoring and managing mobile POS devices is a great value-added service to provide.
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If you were on the NRF show floor about 5 or 6 years ago, you might have come across the first enterprise tablets that ran on the Android operating system. At the time, many in the industry were skeptical that the OS would achieve acceptance. In fact, there were two primary concerns among software vendors, hardware manufacturers, solution providers and end users. First, due to the high frequency in which Google updates Android, people were concerned that the devices would require constant patches. Coding for the devices could be more difficult if the OS was constantly changing. Second, there were concerns about the lack of robust security in the consumer-based OS.

The rise of Android-based tablets for POS

Find out why Android has become a powerful and popular choice for retail and restaurant POS.
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What we can learn from Buckle’s POS breach

Buckle’s POS breach serves as a good reminder that payment security is a constant battle. Here are 3 tips to protect your customers.
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The new era of retail has rewritten the rules for doing business and all retailers—at least those who want to survive—need to address these changes within their own businesses.

Infographic: Do your solutions address the hottest trends in retail?

If you aren’t cashing in on these retail opportunities, you’re leaving money on the table for your competition.
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Data Capture/POS Through Ingram Micro

Interested in mobile payments, data capture solutions, the evolving retail experience and more? You’ve come to the right place.

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