If you’re a DC/POS specialist who typically sells to retail, you might not realize that your barcoding knowledge can also be applied to the healthcare market. While healthcare is obviously markedly different from retail, if you take time to learn the nuances of healthcare, you might open yourself up to new levels of success.

Maximize your healthcare barcoding success

Here’s how to cash in on healthcare barcoding opportunities while minimizing your chance of failure.
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RFID has been around now decades, but many companies are just now harnessing the power of this proven technology. Today, as tag prices continue to drop, technologies are refined, and markets create new tracking and tracing needs, RFID solutions are in high demand. No matter where you look, RFID is on the rise, and savvy solution providers are cashing in. Indeed, Grand View Research expects the global RFID market to reach $40.5 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 14.7%.

Here’s why you should sell RFID today

Nearly every vertical is turning to RFID to address tracking and tracing needs. Savvy solution providers will be there to capitalize.
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When Amazon announced Amazon Go, its Seattle-based grocery store that allows customers to conveniently make purchases without a cashier or traditional checkout station, the retail world took note. After all, Amazon sets the pace for retail innovation, and while the giant has resources that far exceed those of your average customer, it’s a safe bet that their learnings will trickle down market. Of course, Amazon isn’t alone. Both Starbucks and Panera Bread have piloted stores where customers can order, pay and pick up without interacting with an employee.

What you need to know now about self-service shopping

Here’s what IT solution providers can learn from Amazon’s, Panera Bread’s and Starbucks’ self-service shopping pilots.
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We hear from many retail, restaurant and hospitality solution providers who tell us that they’re looking for new sources of revenue and high-margin opportunities. While there’s still plenty of traditional business, competition is fierce and having a differentiator would be welcome.

Make mobile apps your next big revenue generator

Looking for higher margins and profits? Build mobile app solutions for your customers that help them improve engagement and experience.
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Today’s thinking is that the long-term success of brick and mortar retailers will come down to a retailer’s ability to provide shoppers with rewarding, pleasant and consistent experiences. These experiences will keep shoppers returning to the store rather than spending their time and money with online competitors.

Experiential retailing: Supercharge digital signage with DC/POS integration

Integration with your merchant’s inventory/POS system is a surefire way to make their digital signage pay off.
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Lead the migration to mobile POS and payments

Solution providers who don’t prepare now to sell mobile POS and payments are going to miss future opportunities.
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Anyone who’s spent any amount of time selling merchant processing knows how competitive the market can be. In fact, it’s often cut-throat. When you’re selling processing and stand-alone terminals, winning a sale or keeping a customer often comes down to lowering one’s rates. While it’s still possible to make a decent living this way, many ISOs are looking to improve their chances for success by adding point of sale (POS) to their line cards.

ISOs: Here’s why POS should be on your 2018 to-sell list

ISOs seeking more stable and higher residual streams should add POS to their line cards.
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 Making sense of the various threats and opportunities that exist in today’s turbulent POS and payment industries can be overwhelming. With so much changing and so many revolutionary solutions coming to market, it’s not always clear where to invest your time and resources. One area that’s clearly on the rise and worth your attention is mobile POS and payments. To get more information on the opportunities for solution providers, we spoke with Angie Lawrence, senior market development executive for payments, Ingram Micro.

Q&A: The future of mobile payments, 2018 and beyond

Ingram Micro’s payments expert explains the mobile payments opportunity that exists for solution providers in 2018 and beyond.
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We’ve been talking a lot lately about the need for payment security—and rightfully so. Criminals aren’t taking a break from finding new ways to get their hands on credit card data or your clients’ databases, so you certainly shouldn’t take a break either. Luckily, there are some security best practices for you to follow.

Here’s your PCI & payment security wake-up call

Payment security is a continuous process that you must be a part of. Here’s how to make it less confusing … and cash in.
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Why every POS install should include IP video

POS solution providers must provide additional value to compete. IP video is the perfect add-on to help your customers and show value.
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Can the Internet of Things (IoT) get any hotter? By now, we’ve all read the various IoT studies and analyst projections that there will be between 20 and 30 billion connected devices—in other words, “things”—by 2021. Projected growth rates are very bullish and ROI seems to be very real according to organizations that have undertaken IoT initiatives.

Protect your customers from IoT

Despite bullish forecasts, raving customer reviews and tangible ROIs, lax security might be the Achilles heel of IoT.
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