What many solution providers don’t realize about the hospitality industry is that hotels are actually a variety of business models wrapped into one.

Take me to your server: Selecting the best servers for hospitality environments

Get the scoop on why hotels require specialized servers to meet growing technology demands.
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If you’re selling data center solutions, the reasons are more compelling now to start talking to customers about the software-defined data center in 2017. Learn about its growth potential, benefits and how it can augment your existing services offerings.

Software-defined is the future of the data center

Learn about the compelling reasons for the software-defined data center in 2017, including forecasted growth, benefits and the future of services.
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When most people think about hotels, their first thoughts are usually not about cloud management platforms. But maybe they should be.

Why hybrid cloud is perfect for hospitality

Read how hybrid cloud can increase profitability, lower costs and more.
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Data center security requirements continue to evolve due to the growth of devices connected to our networks, as well as more frequent and sophisticated cyberthreats. Learn more about the factors influencing data center security and what you can do to harden your customers’ data center security practices.

The evolution of data center security requirements

Harden your customers’ security practices by learning about the threats influencing the evolution of data center security.
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Learn about big data labor needs, emerging data center capabilities and services trends that will affect the future of the data center infrastructure solutions and services that you sell.

Big data, data center and services trends in 2017

Learn about big data labor needs, data center capabilities and services trends that affect the data center solutions and services that you sell in 2017.
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Data center design continues to evolve with the adoption of new technology, and the technology that has had the biggest impact on data center requirements in the past five years has to be cloud computing. Rather than reinforcing firewalls to keep out intruders, IT managers are more focused on creating virtualized infrastructures that integrate cloud and remote resources into a single, secure system. The evolution of the data center requires the IT department to look beyond the network that is within its immediate control to securely integrate external systems and applications.

How Data Center Requirements Have Evolved over 5 Years

Here we'll review how data center requirements have evolved over five years.
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Big data can translate into big money, both for the companies looking to profit from big data analytics and for the solution providers providing big data services. However, for big data to yield a higher ROI, big data projects need to be well-defined and make the most of available information sources. Big data analysis can tell an organization a lot about its customer base, marketing programs, product development and manufacturing, and new areas of profit. It’s the big data consultant’s job to bring the right skills and experience to the project to make sure the analytics yield the right insights.

How Leveraging a Big Data Consultant Can Yield Higher ROI

Here are a few ways you can yield a higher ROI by leveraging a big data consultant.
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Millennials are taking charge of businesses everywhere, and your sales presentation needs to adapt to meet their expectations, especially when it comes to big data.

Understanding Big Data and Selling to Millennials

This post is packed with useful information about understanding big data and selling to millennials.
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Big data technology is maturing, and more organizations are dipping their toes into the big data pool and coming away with new insights about operations, customers and markets. Big data analytics is proving its worth with businesses of all sizes in all industries. The value of big data is that it can integrate almost any form of data set—structured SQL, unstructured data sources such as email or social media content and more—and it can reveal patterns and behaviors that were undetectable using data warehouse technology. However, as with any analytics, the answers are only as good as the questions. For big data to be valuable, you have to start with the right use case to define the parameters of the question to make sure the findings are valid. It’s often the reseller’s job to help customers create big data use cases that deliver ROI.

Five Big Data Use Cases That 2017 Will Bring

Here we'll explore some of the Big Data use cases that are gaining momentum for 2017.
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Data Center Through Ingram Micro

From Compute, Networking, and Storage, to DC Software, Power and Security --understanding the right mix of technologies to create advanced solutions is critical. Ingram Micro’s Big Data team offers a unified line card that features the most comprehensive portfolio of in-demand and emerging Data Center products and solutions.
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Partnering for Big Data Profits Guide
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