Every healthcare organization today is using some type of digital patient data management system. Patient data has to be made readily accessible not only to medical care practitioners in a hospital, clinic or physician’s office, but also to share with diagnosticians, pharmacists and other medical specialists. And as sensitive patient data is stored as electronic health records (EHRs), health information technology (HIT) professionals need to adopt new strategies in order to securely manage and protect that data, and to be sure healthcare data management protocols comply with government regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The Top Six Challenges of Healthcare Data Management

As sensitive healthcare data is stored as electronic health records, HIT professionals need to adopt new strategies to securely manage and protect it.
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If you're trying to figure out where to focus your big data sales efforts, take a look at the industries with the biggest demand for big data skills. Early last year, Wanted Analytics, a company that gathers data on hiring trends, reported 12 percent growth in the demand for Hadoop skills. The growth will continue; the CEO of Fractal Analytics, a business intelligence and analytics solutions provider, has been quoted as saying that analytics will grow to one-third of the global IT market in the next few years.

20 Vertical Markets with the Biggest Need for Big Data Skills

A list of 20 sectors in which there's good demand for big data skills
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Networks require security; do software defined networks (SDNs) require software-defined security? Nearly all (87 percent) of enterprises in one survey plan to use SDNs by 2015, and the SDN market is expected to grow to $8 billion in 2018. Gartner named software defined security one of the top 10 information security technologies in 2014, and software-defined applications and infrastructure in general, including software-defined security, were on the research firm’s list of top 10 strategic technology trends in 2015.

The Most Common Use Cases for Software Defined Security

Software defined security lets companies implement network segmentation, intrusion detection, and other security controls through software.
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Cost containment is a primary concern for any CIO, especially when it comes to data center operations. They have to scrutinize expenses and balance capital expenditures with operating expenditures (OPEX) in order to determine where they can find savings that can be applied to new projects and new equipment. One of the biggest OPEX expenses is power. Conserving power without cutting back on cooling or systems can be difficult, but with the right power management software, your data center customers can reduce their total cost of ownership.

How Clients Can Leverage Power Management Software to Reduce Cost

With the right power management software, your data center customers can reduce their total cost of ownership.
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The growth of big data is accelerating. IDC predicted the big data market will reach $23.8 billion in 2016 and $43.3 billion in 2017. Gartner estimated big data spending on big data infrastructure and services will total $232 billion by 2016. Those projections might be understating it. According to Wikibon, big data spending was over $27 billion already in 2014.

Big Data Use Cases That 2016 Will Bring

Considering all the big data use cases, there are lots of opportunities for value-added resellers to profit from helping customers.
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With the right sales strategy, VARs can easily convince customers that data center consolidation is an asset to their businesses. You simply need to stress how reliably this IT strategy lowers costs, simplifies management, and, ultimately, boosts performance. Any company that relies on a data center will be willing to invest in it if it promises to pay dividends over the long term. These are the benefits you should stress:

How to Sell Data Center Consolidation

Data center consolidation is a relatively easy process that all your customers will be eager to pursue. These are the benefits you should stress.
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To give you a sense of how valuable data center consolidation can be, consider this statistic from the U.S. Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (USFDCCI). That group hopes to reduce the number of government data centers from 3,000 to 1,800 by 2015, a move that is expected to save in the range of $5 billion annually.

How VARs Capitalize on Virtualization's Value in Data Center Consolidation

VAR customers are turning to virtualized machines for data center consolidation. Here is a complete rundown of the benefits.
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The data center is evolving, and VAR operations must evolve as well. The new data center must accommodate more services and more capacity, and that means resellers need to develop new marketing strategies and lines of business to accommodate those new demands. Competitive VARs are adding new expertise to their business plans and new use cases to stay competitive in the data center market.

Which Data Center Use Cases Are Best For a Value Added Reseller Business Plan

The new data center must accommodate more services and more capacity. Here are some of the best use cases for a Value Added Reseller business plan.
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Retail is one of the hottest markets for big data analytics. Winning in retail sales is a game of small successes. Most retail margins are small, so keeping close track of overhead and delivery costs is essential to maintaining profitability. Finding new ways to attract and build customer loyalty is also a factor, and that means understanding customer sentiment and desires. Big data can answer these kinds of questions. By pulling together data streams from sales, operations, inventory, revenue, and other sources, big data analytics are helping retailers fine-tune their operations to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more profits.

6 Big Data Use Cases in Retail

Big data analytics are helping retailers fine-tune their operations. Here are six big data use cases to consider as part of your retail sales efforts.
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Software-Defined Networking: A Value Added Reseller Business Model

SDN generates a lot of excitement from providers and customers to enhance a value added reseller business model.
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When value added resellers approach the task of implementing an integrated data storage project, chances are they’ll want to discuss with their customers the benefits and drawbacks of implementing either a converged or hyper-converged infrastructure.     

Integrated Data Storage: Converged Vs. Hyper-Converged Solutions

When VARs implement integrated data storage they should discuss benefits and drawbacks of implementing a converged or hyper-converged infrastructure
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