Too often, corporate executives look at big data as a Magic 8 Ball capable of answering any question. The true results are more modest, although still impressive. Big data analytics can reveal much about your customers’ operations and their clients customers, but only if you can provide a well-defined use case and set define the scope of the analysis to yield reasonable returns. Seeing is believing, so when you’re selling a big data project, going in armed with examples will help you demonstrate the real value of big data while setting appropriate expectations.

Selling Tips: Big Data Examples for Your Customer

Here we'll showcase a few examples and tips for selling big data to your customers.
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The cloud certainly has changed the way we approach enterprise computing. Whether it’s e-commerce, social media, or just searching the Web, the cloud has become the binding force between business and customers

Leveraging the Cloud to Better Understand Customers

The cloud has changed the way we approach enterprise computing it has become the binding force between business and customers.
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Mobile commerce is the fastest-growing segment of e-commerce, now accounting for nearly 30 percent of e-commerce sales, up from about 25 percent in 2015.

How Mobility Affects the Customer Experience

Here are just a few areas where retailers need solution-provider assistance supporting the mobile shopping experience.
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In the minds of many small-business owners, the term “big data” often translates to “big budgets for big business.” Not so. Any business of any size can benefit from the insights delivered by big data.

Five Tips for Selling into the SMB Market

Here are five tips for selling into the SMB market.
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Big data is rapidly becoming big business, which means it also is becoming more competitive than ever. As organizations become more experienced with big data projects, they’re doing a better job of separating the experts from the wannabes. That means solution providers need to be on their game if they want to sell big data expertise and build their reputation to attract new big data customers.

Harness These Six Big Data Skills and Never Lose a Deal Again

Here are six big data skills you need to apply to never lose a deal again.
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If there’s one thing all data centers need, it’s more storage. As data center applications and computing systems continue to grow, the demand for storage grows exponentially. Where IT managers used to add more storage arrays and expand storage area networks (SANs) in order to handle more data, demand for storage continues to outpace capacity, as well as budget, which is why the cloud has become an integral part of storage strategies. Data centers need more storage capacity in order to accommodate new solutions such as big data, and they need to get the most from their existing storage systems. That’s why selling integrated data storage should be part of every solution provider’s strategy.

Selling Integrated Data Storage to Existing Customers

Here are some tips to use when selling integrated data storage to existing customers.
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Every business has different data center requirements. Some companies maintain their own data centers, and others outsource their computing. An increasing number of companies are using a hybrid approach that includes both on-premises and cloud computing. No matter what type of computing environment your customers need, the operational requirements also are going to vary depending on the region.

Do Data Center Requirements Change from Market to Market?

Here are some points to consider when assessing the regional data center requirements and associated costs.
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Big data is becoming more and more important to businesses that want to find insight in the data they collect, but companies are struggling to take advantage of the technology. In 2014, the IDG Enterprise survey found that 40 percent of big data projects struggled due to a skills shortage.  For solution providers, this creates the opportunity to sell big data consulting services to help companies implement their projects. Wikibon estimates that the big data market will be more than $61 billion by 2020, with professional services more than 40% of that market.  

4 Big Data Consulting Skills for 2016

In order to participate, solution providers need big data consulting skills that can support four different aspects of the big data market.
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Big data can be invaluable in any industry, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Like businesses in many industries, restaurants are gathering ongoing data about their operations, including food sales, customer preferences, average meal cost, average tips left, profit and loss, and staffing costs. All that data is being gathered, but restaurants have been slow to apply that data in any meaningful way in order to direct their operations.

VAR Sales Guide: The Restaurant Industry's Appetite for Big Data

Restaurants have been slow to apply big data in any meaningful way in order to direct their operations. That's changing and it's affecting VAR sales.
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“Software-defined” has become the watchword for the future of the enterprise. We have software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined storage (SDS) and now software-defined data centers (SDDC). By applying more software intelligence to control the infrastructure, the SDDC allows IT managers to make better use of available resources and manage data centers more cost-effectively.

Eight VAR Sales Tips for Software Defined Data Centers

You can offer compelling arguments to both senior management and IT management when it comes to implementing a software defined data center.
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Smartphones and tablets are an increasing piece of the enterprise computing market, with good reason: More mobile companies make more money. Dell's Global Technology Adoption Index found that organizations using mobile applications had 44-percent higher growth rates and companies allowing "bring your own device" (BYOD) had 53-percent higher growth rates than companies that didn't use them. One projection values the global enterprise mobility market at more than $50 billion in 2020. For solution providers, targeting this market can mean significant opportunity—if you build the right business model.

Creating A Value Added Reseller Business Model Around Enterprise Mobility

For solution providers, targeting the BYOD market can mean significant opportunity—if you build the right value added reseller business model.
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