Big data can translate into big money, both for the companies looking to profit from big data analytics and for the solution providers providing big data services. However, for big data to yield a higher ROI, big data projects need to be well-defined and make the most of available information sources. Big data analysis can tell an organization a lot about its customer base, marketing programs, product development and manufacturing, and new areas of profit. It’s the big data consultant’s job to bring the right skills and experience to the project to make sure the analytics yield the right insights.

How Leveraging a Big Data Consultant Can Yield Higher ROI

Here are a few ways you can yield a higher ROI by leveraging a big data consultant.
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Millennials are taking charge of businesses everywhere, and your sales presentation needs to adapt to meet their expectations, especially when it comes to big data.

Understanding Big Data and Selling to Millennials

This post is packed with useful information about understanding big data and selling to millennials.
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Any reseller that has been in business knows technology platforms come and go, but the value behind the technology persists. Rather than making the error of chasing the latest hot technology, smart resellers sell the value proposition behind the technology. With big data, for example, it’s important to understand how to use the tools required to complete a big data project, but the insight gained from the project itself is where the real value lies. Understanding which big data skills will deliver ongoing returns is more important than mastering the latest Hadoop techniques.

Four Big Data Skills that Will Never Lose Value

Here are just four of the big data skills that are sure to stand you in good stead, no matter what technology you use.
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Every retailer and e-commerce system strives to make transactions as smooth and painless as possible.

Using New Payment Technology to Improve Customer Experiences

New technology can improve the customer buying experience, but retailers will need solution-provider help in designing a frictionless payment system.
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Cloud computing and big data go hand in hand. The more complex the big data analyses, the more data storage and computing power are required. And perhaps no other field has more complex computing models than financial services.

Cloud and Big Data in Finance: How It Helps

Cloud computing and big data go hand in hand. And perhaps no other field has more complex computing models than financial services.
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Moore’s Law has been with us for more than 50 years now and proves as true today as it did in 1965: The density of an integrated circuit will double every two years.

How IT Security Changes as Technology Changes

Today, you have to protect the data itself, because IT can’t always control data access from the cloud or handheld devices.
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The introduction of electronic health records (EHRs) has changed medical practice forever. Thanks to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other government regulations, patients have been granted access to their medical records at the same time that new security measures have been mandated to protect patient privacy. Changes in healthcare regulations and health insurance, especially with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, have given consumers more incentive to advocate for their own healthcare and treatment, including increased online interaction with doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Dealing with Online Patient Interaction and Securing the Data Center

Here we'll explore how to deal with online patient interaction and securing the data center.
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As far back as 500 BC, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed that everything changes and nothing stands still, and nowhere is that more true than in technology. Emerging technologies are continually shaping the future of business computing, promising more speed, more efficiency, more insight and more profits. Big data is the latest technology to drive changes in the enterprise, promoting more demand for cloud computing, bigger data pipes, more data-processing horsepower and more complex analytics. However, even big data strategies do not remain constant. To stay current with the latest big data trends, IT managers have to plan for the future, relying on integrators and solution providers to guide them in order to make sure that today’s big data investments still pay off in 2020.

Building a Big Data Infrastructure to Scale Beyond 2020

Here's insight into how helping design the right big data infrastructure today can reduce spending in the future.
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The biggest headache that keeps CIOs and IT managers up at night is data center security. Data centers around the world are being continuously bombarded by malware and cyber criminals seeking a chink in the enterprise armor that will give them access to proprietary data that they can turn into profits. What worries the IT gatekeepers is whether or not their security is adequate, and if they can keep the barbarians from the gate. They ask themselves the same questions over and over again, but are they the questions they should be asking about their cyber security?

Data Center Management: 6 Questions to Ask to Help Prevent a Data Breach

The biggest headache that keeps CIOs and IT managers up at night is data center security and management.
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Entropy is a fact of nature, and as things wear out or operate below specifications, they need to be repaired or replaced. In a business-critical operation such as a data center, the objective is to identify and address potential points of failure before equipment actually fails. That’s why predictive maintenance should be part of any IT operation.

Developing a Predictive Maintenance Plan for Your Clients

With so much at stake, it’s no wonder that CIOs are investing more in predictive maintenance technology.
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System upgrades are a fact of life , and every operation needs to build capital expenditures into its  budget to keep its systems up to date—that’s what keeps solution providers in business. However, when it comes to the company data center, upgrades to accommodate emerging technologies can be complex and expensive. Part of the solution provider’s responsibility is to add value by helping customers implement the best strategies for keeping data centers up to date without breaking the bank. By carefully counseling customers, solution providers can make themselves invaluable without having to perform a rip-and-replace of data center systems.

Five Ways to Keep up with Ever-Changing Data Center Requirements

Five ways that solution providers can become more valuable in shaping the evolution of today’s data centers.
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Data Center Through Ingram Micro

Get tips on how to manage the ever-changing IT landscape with the right data center solutions.

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