Since passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996, healthcare organizations now face stiff penalties for the unauthorized release of patient information. However, with cyberthreats on the rise, the risk of patient data breaches is higher than ever. In fact, studies show that more than three-quarters of healthcare organizations have suffered some sort of incident that compromised patient records, costing the industry about $5.6 billion annually. The overwhelming majority of these incidents were the result of improper IT security systems.

How printer security software can enhance healthcare privacy

With healthcare costs and cybercrime continuing to escalate, your healthcare customers should make securing their document imaging resources a top priority.
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Though many healthcare organizations don’t realize it, printing is a huge expense for the industry—especially given all the wasteful practices that have developed over time.

Printing in the healthcare industry: how to reduce red ink

Learn how your healthcare customers can save up to 40% or more on their printing costs.
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Today’s U.S. healthcare system faces many challenges, most notably how to control escalating costs.

The advantages of document management for hospitals

Learn how hospitals are saving money and improving efficiency with electronic document management.
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Throughout the country, state and local governments are implementing document management solutions with impressive results. With a combination of document management software and leading-edge scanner technology, they’re transforming how they conduct business and achieving greater efficiency and costs savings.

How municipal governments streamline document management

Learn how municipal governments transform their daily operations, saving time and money with document management software and leading-edge scanner technology.
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BYOD programs are becoming increasingly prevalent in government agencies.

Managing printer security risks in government BYOD programs

Learn how government agencies with BYOD programs can safeguard document imaging and minimize security risks.
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A few years back, a government spending analysis conducted by several federal government agencies including the Department of Treasury and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) came to an important conclusion: that a total print management solution, when implemented properly, can yield savings of as much as 30% and improve overall efficiencies.

Your guide to more efficient print management in government agencies

Learn how print management can make your government customers more efficient—and the steps they can take to achieve it.
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With security a top priority for every business today, it’s important that your customers not neglect their document imaging resources. Though often overlooked in this regard, printers, copiers and scanners present major security risks. And for good reason: A treasure trove of confidential and sensitive information passes through them daily. They’re connected to networks and used by lots of different people in an organization, making them prime targets for data breaches.

Infographic: Learn these 8 easy steps to safer document imaging

Learn the 8 steps your customers can take to secure their document imaging devices.
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BYOD is becoming the norm in more and more companies, even in industries like healthcare and financial services that manage lots of sensitive data. While the ability to bring one’s own device to work certainly has advantages for employees, it does present challenges for organizations—especially with respect to network and data security.

BYOD is here. Now what?

Learn valuable tips to help your customers make a safe transition to BYOD.
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 Protecting sensitive business data has become a major priority for businesses today. With the average cost of a data breach estimated at $9.5 million, organizations are doing everything they can to close the security gaps in their IT infrastructure and protect the data on their PCs, networks and servers.

The case for printer security software

Learn how printer security software can provide valuable safeguards and help your customers meet compliance requirements.
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