Unless you are a document imaging service provider, your core business is not managing documents. For most organizations, document management is a necessary evil, something they do to help move their core businesses forward. It might involve processing invoices to pay their vendors, onboarding employees so they perform necessary tasks, or making resources available online for constituents or partners.

Document Imaging Solutions That Will Help Your Customer's Business Grow

What document imaging solutions have helped your customers' businesses grow?
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Records management has been around for as long as there have been businesses and governments. In a business environment, it can be defined as the safekeeping of any document or record of communication related to a business transaction.

eRecord Management Solutions - What to Look for

The market has never been riper for the implementation of eRecords management solutions.
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Document imaging solutions are a vital part of any medical practice, especially since the United States government has implemented new mandates regarding Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Even though many hospitals and medical practices have already adopted EHR procedures, there are still paper processes that need to be scanned and converted into digital content as part of EHRs. Therefore document imaging solutions for medical practices aren’t going out of style any time soon.

Eight Medical Document Imaging Solutions VARs Should Know

Here are practical business reasons physicians are adopting document imaging solutions as part of digitized record keeping.
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One of the great benefits of adopting a document management solution is file security. By managing paper documents into digital images and electronic files you can more easily manipulate them, but more importantly you can control access and store them more securely. With paper documents your only security option is to lock them in a file cabinet and guard the key. With a document management system you can use passwords and other authentication to control access to sensitive information, limit how information can be shared, and even encrypt proprietary files.

The Six Elements to a Secure Document Management Solution

One of the great benefits of adopting a document management solution is file security.
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Document Imaging Through Ingram Micro

Discover how new printers, scanners and document imaging software can help your customers manage costs and become more productive.

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