Protecting sensitive business data has become a major priority for businesses today. With the average cost of a data breach estimated at $9.5 million, organizations are doing everything they can to close the security gaps in their IT infrastructure and protect the data on their PCs, networks and servers.

The case for printer security software

Learn how printer security software can provide valuable safeguards and help your customers meet compliance requirements.
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The mobile revolution has created a whole new battle plan for businesses today, and BYOD is here to stay.

The risks and rewards of BYOD printing

BYOD printing can improve your customers’ productivity—if they take the right precautions.
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One thing’s for sure. It seems to be making a lot of mobile users frustrated.

Do smart devices make for smarter document imaging?

With BYOD the rule rather than the exception in today’s workplace, mobile printing is now a necessity. Read what the research has to say.
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The advent of cloud printing has certainly streamlined the way many companies now handle document imaging.

Will the cloud make printer technology obsolete?

The advent of cloud printing has streamlined the way many companies now handle DI. But it won’t lead to the demise of printer technology anytime soon. See why.
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Business no longer just happens within the four walls of an office, and neither does business printing.

Assessing Cloud Printing Options

By considering certain issues upfront, here are the key factors and criteria to consider when choosing the right cloud print solutions for your customers.
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Document Imaging Through Ingram Micro

Discover how new printers, scanners and document imaging software can help your customers manage costs and become more productive.

increase profits through document imaging

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