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Infographic: Implementing a safer and more efficient print workflow

As your customers’ IT partner and trusted advisor, you should stress the importance of safeguarding their printing resources. Learn why.
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With security a top priority for every business today, it’s important that your customers not neglect their document imaging resources. Though often overlooked in this regard, printers, copiers and scanners present major security risks. And for good reason: A treasure trove of confidential and sensitive information passes through them daily. They’re connected to networks and used by lots of different people in an organization, making them prime targets for data breaches.

Infographic: Learn these 8 easy steps to safer document imaging

Learn the 8 steps your customers can take to secure their document imaging devices.
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Document Imaging Through Ingram Micro

Discover how new printers, scanners and document imaging software can help your customers manage costs and become more productive.

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