Secure print solutions are just what they sound like—software for making sure printers and the documents that organizations are printing (and scanning if used with MFPs [multi-function peripherals]) are safe and do not in any way compromise the organization. They can be used to protect against threats, such as malware and viruses, as well as unauthorized distribution of documents. So, which vertical markets should use secure print solutions? The answer is all of them, but here are six that are the most obvious:

Which Verticals Should Use Secure Print Solutions?

So, which vertical markets should use secure print solutions?
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As IT departments begin to recognize that networked printers have a lot of the same vulnerabilities as network PCs, the demand for secure print solutions continues to grow. According to the IDC report Worldwide and U.S. ISV Device and Print Management Market Shares, 2015: Year of the Evolving, Fragmented Market: “There is growing awareness of the requirement for security of networked output devices and the content that passes through them, driving adoption of applications such as authentication, authorization, rules-based printing and pull printing.”

Five Scenarios Where Your Customers Will Benefit from Secure Print Solutions

Learn about are five typical scenarios where your customers could benefit from secure print solutions.
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