A document imaging system is typically installed in order to improve a process that has historically been handled primarily with paper documents. There is typically a certain level of comfort related to the security of a paper process that has been in place for several years. Converting paper files to electronic images may raise some security concerns among your customers—especially in the wake of recent high-profile electronic data hacks involving organizations like Sony, the IRS, and several large retailers.

7 Document Imaging Security Concerns and How to Address Them

Here are seven typical security concerns that your customers may have about document imaging and some ideas on how to address them
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As we’ve stressed in this blog over the past year, document imaging is about more than just scanning. It’s also what you do with images and the data they contain after they are scanned that drives return on investment (ROI). That said, you certainly can’t ignore scanning, as converting paper documents to an electronic format is a vital step in any document imaging process.

Five Important Items to Consider for a Document Imaging Implementation

As we’ve stressed in this blog over the past year, document imaging is about more than just scanning.
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Document imaging applications are often talked about in terms of ROI—return on investment. In other words, by spending X amount of dollars on document imaging, an end user saves X-plus amount of dollars. This is what is conventionally known as a hard ROI. But it’s worth noting that many document imaging implementations also include a softer, harder-to-quantify ROI. Many times, this soft ROI can be realized through improved customer service.

How Document Imaging Can Improve Your Clients' Customer Service

There are multiple ways that document imaging can improve your clients’ relationships with their customers.
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Document imaging is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the market your client is in, their document volume, and their specific workflows, their needs could range from simple scan-to-archive to much more complex automated data capture and workflow. Following are some elements to consider when determining your client’s document imaging needs:

How to Assess Your Client's Document Imaging Needs

Document imaging is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
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Many people think of document imaging as scanning documents. And though scanning is certainly part of the process, what a user does with images after they are scanned produces the return on investment. ROIs are often associated with improvements in areas such as document processing and records management. As a result, document imaging should be looked at as an enabling technology—it is typically one component of a system that produces an ROI.

How to Use Document Imaging to Complement Existing Practices

Document imaging should be looked at as an enabling technology—it is typically one component of a system that produces an ROI.
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Not all document imaging sales are created equal. Certain types of software, such as advanced data capture for example, typically drive higher revenue and margins. In addition, presenting yourself as an expert in a specific vertical market or horizontal area of business will increase your revenue and profits. On the top line, it will provide you with references and a reputation for success in a certain market that will drive more business. On the bottom line, installing the same type of solution multiple times will make you more efficient at implementation and support, which should increase your margins.

How to Maximize Profit Potential With Document Imaging Solutions

Here are some tips for maximizing your profit potential with document imaging solutions.
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Now that the second quarter of the year has just ended, companies will be reviewing their P&Ls. Organizations that have implemented document imaging solutions will have visual and empirical data that shows their impact in reducing cost and providing ROI benefits.

How to Recognize ROI Benefits for Document Imaging Solutions

The ROI benefits of document imaging solutions are plentiful and can be realized quickly.
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How Selling Document Imaging Services Can Increase Your ROI

There are plenty of profitable opportunities in the market for document imaging services.
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A lot of people confuse document imaging solutions with “going paperless.” And while technologies like scanning and capture can certainly be used to digitize paper, the digitization is not the end in itself. The real benefit of a document imaging system is how it can be leveraged to improve a business process.

How to Explain the Benefits of Document Imaging Solutions to Clients

Many people confuse document imaging solutions with “going paperless.” Here's how to explain additional benefits to your clients.
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Government agencies and the public sector are notorious for generating lots of paperwork. Every time a new law is passed or a new contract is put out for bid it triggers an avalanche of forms, requests, and documents in triplicate. Of all markets, the public sector has a real need for document imaging solutions to eliminate excess paperwork and automate approvals and paper processes.

How to Sell Document Imaging Solutions to the Public Sector

Find out how to sell document imaging solutions to the public sector.
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How much training does it take to become a document imaging specialist? There is more to being a document imaging specialist than just running a scanner. The job requires an understanding of how to organize and archive documents, cataloging, indexing, and more. It also requires technical expertise in managing document imaging hardware as well as how to manage enterprise data storage and other archival media, such as tape drives, CDs, cloud data storage, etc. And then there are special considerations such as how to manage electronic medical records (EMR) or sensitive accounting and business documents.

How to Become a Document Imaging Specialist

How much training does it take to become a document imaging specialist? There is far more to it than just running a scanner.
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Document Imaging Through Ingram Micro

Discover how new printers, scanners and document imaging software can help your customers manage costs and become more productive.

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