The Advantages of Pull Printing in Today’s Work Environment

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Mar 10

Mar 10

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In a time of growing cybersecurity threats and data breaches, organizations should always be looking for the best ways to safeguard their documents. While users want easy and reliable printing from any mobile platform or operating system, IT administrators need control over network access and printer output to protect confidential information as well as to manage their printing costs.

One recommendation you can make to your customers is pull printing, which offers multiple benefits beyond security, and is easy to implement because many manufacturers now offer this function as part of their printing solutions.

Pull printing works by sending a print job to a server that delivers or “pulls” the job. This frees up a user’s computer for other tasks and reduces network traffic. Word processing documents and even Web pages can be pull-printed without having the file open Users simply send the document’s location to the pull printing server for processing.

On-demand printing that’s less demanding on users.

Solutions like HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing help companies reduce unclaimed print jobs and the costs related to them. Users can print to a secure network, authenticate with ease and retrieve jobs when necessary, even on the go.

With pull printing, employees can print as many documents as they wish, have them waiting for them in the queue, and pick them all up in bulk later on. If a printer is not functioning properly, they can simply walk up to another printer and pick the documents up instead of being forced to print them again.

Pull printing improves security by ensuring that documents are only released upon user authentication, using a PIN code, smart card or biometric fingerprint recognition. Secure pull printing is also convenient for mobile users, as print jobs can be released at any MFP across the network.

Less waste, more productivity.

When people print on shared printers, they often have to get up and walk over to retrieve their documents. But often, they get interrupted or want to postpone picking up the print job until later after they’ve finished another task. What invariably happens is that they often forget about the printing job, and when they remember it and rush to the printer, the document has already been recycled (or discarded) and they have to print again—wasting paper, ink and time. According to Computerworld, the use of pull printing can cut the number of pages being printed by 20 to 30 percent.

 A more efficient approach to mobile printing.

With the explosive growth of mobility—and more and more employees working remotely —many enterprises are adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach, or a hybrid strategy that includes both personal and corporate-owned devices.

If your customer is looking to deploy mobile printing across a printer fleet and needs advanced options, HP offers server-based solutions that provide secure pull printing, as well as advanced management and reporting capabilities. HP also provides options to integrate with third-party mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

HP Access Control Secure Pull printing leverages an organization’s existing email infrastructure to allow mobile and remote users to email print jobs to their queues and then retrieve or “pull” them from any pull printing-enabled printer or MFP—or even authorize others to print jobs on their behalf.

Mobile users can easily authenticate with their devices, such as NFC-enabled phones or tablets. What’s more, with features like rules-based printing, intelligent routing and the ability to track printing activity by device, user and department, organizations can substantially reduce print costs and improve security.

In short, mobile and remote users can print safely and efficiently whenever they need to.

Pull printing is definitely worth a closer look.

Given the safety advantages and cost efficiencies, pull printing can be a viable and attractive option for customers who are looking to streamline and secure their printing functions in today’s BYOD environment. It’s definitely an option worth considering. And with manufacturers like HP making pull printing a standard function in their printing solutions, the transition can be relatively painless.

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