Like most resellers, you probably have customers who definitely could benefit from high-performance workstations like the HP Z Series, but they’re reluctant to upgrade from the desktop systems they have now.

Selling the High-Performance System

Many customers who could benefit from high-performance workstations are resistant to upgrade. But there are strategies you can use to convince them—and make the sales process easier.
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Let’s face it. Today’s data-intensive business environments are taxing the IT capabilities of companies of all sizes.

5 Ways High-Performance Systems Are Different

Today’s data-intensive business environments demand computing capabilities that are too much for standard desktop PCs to handle on a day-to-day basis. This article explores five reasons why high-performance workstations may be a better option.
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A joint project involving five space agencies (NASA, Roscosmos of Russia, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Canadian Space Agency and European Space Agency), the International Space Station (ISS) is the largest artificial object orbiting the earth. At a speed of approximately 17,211 miles per hour, it takes the ISS about 92 minutes to complete one orbit—traveling at an altitude of about 220 miles above the earth.

The Final Frontier: Workstations in Space

With HP Z Series Workstations at the helm, NASA and the International Space Station are maintaining mission-critical functions and blazing new trails in space exploration.
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