The future of the channel community centers on the four Cs: change, consolidation, complexity and consumerism. In his keynote kicking off the Ingram Micro ONE event in Las Vegas, Paul Bay, group president of the Americas, Ingram Micro, highlighted the opportunities and challenges in each of those areas. Technology advances are coming rapidly and channel firms can play a major role in helping businesses take advantage of those changes.

Leveraging Ingram Micro to Enable the “New Tech Customer”

Find out how change, consolidation, complexity and consumerism are shaping the future of the channel community.
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At this year’s Ingram Micro ONE event, the company is making it very clear to partners that despite all the technologies, solutions, and IT services their clients are clamoring for, security must be a forethought rather than an afterthought.

The Security Landscape Is Changing Fast. Make Sure You’re Keeping Up.

Adaptive malware, IoT-based threats and other developments are making security more critical than ever.
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What happens when you mix fun and a healthy attitude in the workplace? According to SMP’s COO, Peter Allen, and VP of sales, Chris Fox, it creates an environment for great success.

Adventure, Fitness and Collaboration Lead to Big Business Growth

Discover how one solution provider is succeeding with a people-focused strategy and support from Ingram Micro.
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Re-branding is a process. It’s not sexy, it’s emotional, and it takes time to get it done right, says Dennis Crupi, Agency Ingram Micro’s director of creative services. But, he adds, “If your business is your baby and your baby’s brand is ugly, let’s fix it.”

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a New Brand

Agency Ingram Micro has empowered more than 40 solution providers with new or refreshed branding and professional collateral.
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By all standards of industry and business measurement, Ingram Micro is a large company, with annual revenue of $46 billion and growing, 26,000-plus employees, hundreds of thousands of business partners, and an admirable no. 62 spot on the Fortune 500. From the outside, its sheer size may make it seem challenging to navigate. In this first of a series of spotlight articles, we’ll chart a course to one of the company’s hidden gems: the configuration and integration team in Millington, Tenn.

People, Passion and Pride:  Ingram Micro’s Configuration and Integration Center

In this spotlight article, we’ll chart a course to one of Ingram Micro's hidden gems: the configuration and integration team in Millington, Tenn.
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One of the big takeaways from this year’s Trust X Alliance Success Planning roundtable: Always be ready to sell your business.

You Get Hit by a Bus. Now What?

“You get hit by a bus. Now what?” asked David Reid, Trust X Alliance Mastermind leader “You always need to be ready to sell your business and have a comprehensive succession plan written down and in play.”
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Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of Ingram Micro U.S. and Export Paul Bay welcomed more than 300 Trust X Alliance members to the 2016 Invitational last week and had this to say as he walked on stage,

Work Hard, Play Hard and Partner More

Paul Bay from Ingram Micro encourages us to think and act differently by exploring new partnerships across traditional lines.
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Legal obstacles that every solution provider must overcome were the topic of an afternoon breakout session during the 2016 Trust X Alliance Invitational, held this week in Los Angeles. 

7 Things Every MSP Should Know About Master Service Agreements (MSAs)

Read everything you need to know about Master Service Agreements (MSAs).
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Vertical markets such as healthcare, finance, retail, government and education offer enormous potential for channel partners looking to grow their businesses and differentiate themselves from the competition. Fact is, when they can demonstrate a clear understanding of the challenges that are unique to their current and/or prospective clients’ vertical market(s), have a proven track record for success, and are up to speed on any applicable regulatory standards, channel partners will be well on their way to attaining trusted advisor status.

Unlocking the Secrets to a Successful Vertical Markets Practice

Experts from Ingram Micro share their insights and perspectives on building a successful vertical markets practice.
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Ingram Micro’s top executives sounded off on several key industry trends this week at Trust X Alliance’s event in Los Angeles. One of the common themes to emerge from the executive panel was the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) is having on Ingram Micro and the channel at large.

Ingram Micro Execs on IoT:  The Opportunity is Real

Find out what impact the Internet of Things (IoT) is having on Ingram Micro and the channel at large.
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