A Clearer Path to Partner Innovation and Future Success

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Dec 20

Dec 20

Ingram Micro

In life and in business, there are no guarantees. No one can accurately predict what they or their customers will face over the next few years from an economic, technology or regulatory perspective. Nor can they be assured of finding a pool of skilled and knowledgeable employees to help them grow and prosper.

So, while the complexity and value of technology to their business customers continues to escalate, creating many new opportunities, the challenges partners face may be growing just as rapidly (if not faster). How can a small IT firm possibly expect to manage it all?

Leverage. IT service providers will have to develop more and deeper relationships with their peers, vendors and distribution partners. They will need stronger alliances to help design, build, deliver and integrate the next generation of solutions; not to mention testing and securing it all. Those who can successfully create  partnerships and navigate the increasingly more complex landscape of IT will be well positioned to take advantage of the future opportunities that come their way.

In his mainstage presentation at the Ingram Micro ONE event, Scott Zahl, vice president and general manager, advanced computing, Ingram Micro, emphasized where and how distribution fits in that equation. “To succeed in today’s shifting IT landscape, you need a creative partner willing to lead the way, regardless of where you are uncovering opportunities along the technology lifecycle. But who do you trust, and who do you connect with to ensure you’re up to date on the latest threats and solutions? Everything Ingram Micro has built over the past decade will help you be the ‘Sherpa,’ that trusted advisor your customers need.”

That level of partner support is a difference-maker now, and will continue to increase in value over the next few years. The mountain ahead is substantial and, as Zahl emphasizes, “we can help you make it from basecamp to summit.” He shared how Ingram Micro has built up “the enable side,” allowing its partners to take more complex technologies to market today and to adopt adjacent solutions more easily and effectively.

“IoT, collaboration and cloud. A major focus of ours has been looking at the emerging technologies. We brought on new vendors and developed new ways to enhance existing infrastructure and to add and support hybrid environments.” Zahl points out that the data center still at the core in many new solutions, even if the servers are virtual. Businesses still need that infrastructure supported and managed, and IT service providers have long been the experts in that arena.

But customers are also risk-averse, as are providers. The unknown is a liability, especially for channel partners who are asked to make substantial investments in equipment and training with no guarantees of success. The good news, says Zahl, is that "all the tools, expertise and people you need exist within Ingram Micro. We want to be that indispensable business partner you need to be successful, and our breadth of services and engagements might surprise you. Our business is based on trust and commitment, and there has never been a better time to get reacquainted with Ingram Micro.”

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