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School as you know it has taken a quantum leap forward. Enter the Ingram Micro Educational Pavilion for a total hands-on, mind-stimulating, business-growing technology immersion. Watch this video to experience technology solutions integrated for the fast-paced education world of today.






public_sector_cheat_sheet.pngPublic Sector Vertical Cheat Sheet

In this e-book, Public SectorVertical Cheat Sheet, you'll learn  the technical opportunities across the public sector, the purchasing process they use and how Ingram Micro enables its solution providers to succeed in this market.


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Retail_Vertical_sheet_cover_.pngRetail Vertical Cheat Sheet

In this e-book, Retail Vertical Cheat Sheet, you'll learn how retailers are using new technology in order to meet their customers' needs and cope with the challenges of e-commerce, mobile technology and social media.


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Education Advantage: Bookstore Video Tour

With this helpful tour video from the Education Advantage Bookstore Pavilion at Ingram Micro’s 2015 ONE event, you’ll learn how to set up a successful bookstore retail solution for a campus or business. From tablet payment systems to EMV payment terminals and barcode scanning systems, this video will cover what you need to know to set up a successful point-of-sale  solution for any environment.




Education Advantage: Connected Classroom Video Tour


The connected classroom of the future is at your fingertips. In this video you’ll tour the Education Advantage Pavilion Connected Classroom at Ingram Micro’s 2015 ONE event.  In the process, you’ll learn what you need to know about setting up the classroom of the future, and how it  benefits not only student learning but also teacher engagement. From Dell and  Microsoft to Intel and Peerless, you’ll learn how manufacturers are creating tablets, desktops, notebooks, charging carts and more to support  a full-service education solution that is changing the way students are learning and teachers are educating.



Education Advantage: Admissions Video Tour


Setting up a secure, collaborative admissions environment for any educational institution is important not just for students, but for parents as well. Transparency and communication are  key. In this video, we tour the Education Advantage Connected Classroom Pavilion at Ingram Micro’s 2015 ONE event and discuss the different technologies that make up a successful admissions process and environment, including  digital signage, badge printers, biometrics and access-ready solutions.






Education Advantage: Network Operating Center Video Tour


The Network Operating Center, or NOC, is an important piece of keeping your customers’ data, their  schools and their  devices safe. In this tour of the Education Advantage Network Operating Center at Ingram Micro’s 2015 ONE event, you’ll  learn how to set up a successful NOC solution, as well as  which manufacturers are facilitating the creation of these environments.  From security to infrastructure to peripherals, accessories and more, the information in this video will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to become your customers’ expert on building a successful NOC .



Education Advantage: STEM Video Tour


3D technology in the classroom is revolutionizing the way students engage and the projects they work on. This Education Advantage STEM video tour from  Ingram Micro’s 2015 ONE event breaks down how HP has taken interactive learning a step further with Sprout and G-Space solutions. From 3D manipulation and models to glasses, pens and more, students are able to create and build 3D objects they can take home, increasing their engagement outside the classroom. By shaping the future of interactive environments and adding a layer students have never had access to before, this architecture is creating a fresh, new way to learn.



Ingram Micro Education STEMEducation Advantage: STEM Brochure

At Ingram Micro, we are excited to provide an extensive product line and technology solution offering to help you build a robust STEM ecosystem that will inspire students and teachers. Take a look at our brochure to see the products and solutions we offer.


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Ingram Micro Education Network Operation CenterEducation Advantage:
Network Operation Center Brochure

Having a strong, robust and secure infrastructure is critical in today’s education environment. View this brochure to discover the latest technologies that can strengthen a network operation center.


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