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GuideThe VAR'S Ultimate Guide to Merchant EMV Adoption

Simplify the EMV transition process by working with your customers (and potential customers) and creating a comprehensive upgrade plan with the tips in this guide.

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Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_10.03.12_AM.pngVAR's Secret Weapon to Selling mPOS Solutions

This ebook is designed to provide VARs with sales tactics to sell mPOS solutions to their customers, earn recurring revenue and build trust with clients. 

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emv_infographic-1.pngInfographic: What Are Your Customers Afraid Of?

The rate of EMV adoption following the October 2015 transition has been low among US merchants, especially small to medium-sized businesses and very small businesses. Because of this lag, business owners are at risk, but may be afraid to upgrade to EMV at the point of sale or may not know what they need to do. VARs can help clients get EMV-ready by addressing common objections and showcasing the benefits of incorporating the higher-security card technology.

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A_Busy_VARs_Guide_to_PCI_ComplianceA Busy Var's Guide to PCI Compliance

Learn how to comply with PCI requirements and gain answers to important questions around PCI Compliance.

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BattlecardThe VAR's Secret Weapon During the EMV Transition

Don't show up to a sales meeting unprepared. We've created an EMV battlecard that will address some of your toughest questions about the transition and will give you a leg up on your competition.

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Mastering Mobile Point of Sale Trends

Did you know 78 percent of retailers are piloting or planning to implement mPOS by the end of 2015? Industry experts forecast mobile adoption around the world at 286 million businesses in 2015, rising to 304 million just two years later. Although many early adopters are focused on the “wow” factor, the current generation of mobile POS solutions opens up payment options for merchants of all sizes and in every industry you can think of including some you may not have considered. The factors driving the growth of mPOS are universal.

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The_EMV_TransitionComing to the U.S.: The EMV Transition

Merchants and credit card issuers in the United States have lagged behind the rest of the world in moving away from magnetic stripe cards and readers with well-known security issues. So payment processors, led by the consortium EMVCo, have slowly been forcing a change, one with important implications for merchants this coming October

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Selling_Point_of_Sale_and_Data_Capture_SolutionsSelling Point of Sale and Data Capture Solutions: A Reseller's Guide

Now is the perfect time for value-added resellers to add point of sale (POS) and data capture solutions as an extension of their enterprise sales. The market for POS technology and digital capture products is on the rise and retailers are looking for new ways to integrate their in-store and online strategies and tracking of sales and inventory. 

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