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Increasing_Your_Profits_Through_Document_ImagingIncreasing Your Profits Through Document Imaging

By downloading this ebook, you'll gain insight into:

  • Assembling a solution
  • How blending maximizes profit potential
  • Driving higher margins
  • How to complement your existing focus

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A Busy VAR's Guide to Document Imaging

Every company deals with paperwork. Depending on the business, this necessity could come in the form of customer and patient records, employee onboarding forms, invoices that must be paid, and more. For years, pursuing the paper chase was accepted as part of doing business, but as electronic transactions have become more prevalent, the inefficiency of dealing with paper has become apparent.

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Document Imaging Battlecard

Don't show up to a sales meeting unprepared. We've created a battlecard that will address some of your toughest questions about document imaging and how you should respond to them.

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The Benefits of Managed Print Service

For value-added resellers, Managed Print Services (MPS) continues to be the buried treasure of enterprise profits; VARs continue to hunt for it but it continues to elude them. However, the tipping point for MPS is at hand. For IT resellers who haven’t seen profits in MPS before now, the time has come to take a hard look at the new profit potential from offering some form of print services to enterprise customers.


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