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Establishing Yourself as a Leader in the Video Surveillance MarketA Value-Added Partner: Establishing Yourself as a Leader in the Video Surveillance Market

The video surveillance industry is in the midst of an unprecedented period of growth. This growing interest in video surveillance is only good news for solution providers, which have an opportunity to establish themselves as experts in security technology and as true partners for their clients.

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Physical_Security_SuccessPhysical Security Success: Finding Your Specialty Among 4 Key Verticals

In the face of a heightened threat landscape, the global physical security industry is growing steadily. Recent research estimates that worldwide sales will reach $87.9 billion by 2019, a significant uptick from the 2014 total of $57 billion.

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IP_Based_SolutionsIP-Based Solutions: Making Networked Security Work for Your Business

With each year, IP devices will gradually continue to overtake their analog counterparts. And as legacy analog devices reach end-of-life, security customers are more likely to invest in IP than stick with analog, for a variety of reasons. As IP security begins to really take off, now is the time for value-added resellers (VARs) to incorporate it into their product offering.

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Physical_Security_Education_Buying_SeasonPhysical Security Guide: Preparing for the Education Buying Season

Around the globe, physical security is one of the top priorities of any business, government agency, or other organization. In the United States especially, education security is one of the most important - and fastest-growing - segments of the industry. For VARs, the school security market is an opportunity to provide a much-needed service; however, it's important to understand some of the unique subtleties of the vertical to make the most of your efforts.

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BigDataBattlecardSales Battlecard: Software Defined Networking

Make sure your sales team is equiped with this quick, easy-to-reference guide to prepare them for any SDN questions that come their way. bigdata_battlecard-538862-edited We've created a short, sales-ready battlecard that will address some of your toughest questions about Software Defined Networking and how you should respond to them.

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physical_security_plan-1Physical Security Offers Vast Opportunities for VARs

The need to prevent losses due to retail store break-ins, deter threats to children in elementary schools, and safeguard the security of data and goods inside the local city hall is a constant challenge – and an area where VARs who provide physical security audits and plans, equipment supplies/installation, and after-sales service can contribute to the public good -- as well as generate profits.

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Profit_from_Physical_Security-1How VARs Can Profit from Physical Security

Physical security covers a wide range of products, from cameras and biometric controls to intrusion detection, lighting, and communications. 

In addition to protecting expensive equipment and sensitive intellectual property, companies are accountable for the safety of their employees, which is why more companies are taking physical security more seriously, and why the security market is expanding.

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