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nexsan-white-paperWhite Paper: The Power/Density Paradox

High density storage can lead to a problem known as the power/density paradox which hinders end users from utilizing the very floor space that high density systems were intended to conserve.

In this Nexsan white paper you will learn the root of this problem, and how companies are leveraging unique storage subsystem approaches in the datacenter to maximize power efficiency and storage density simultaneously.

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emerson-ups-white-paperWhite Paper: Picking the Right UPS For Your Data Center

While still critical, availability cannot come at any cost. In fact, efficiency and scalability are equally as imporant to data center managers.

This Emerson white paper is designed to provide VARs with a clearer understanding of key factors and considerations involved in selecting the right UPS to meet current and future needs, and optimize the performance of their facilities.

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tarmin-whitepaperWhite Paper: Unleashing the Business Value of Data Defined Storage

You will learn that Data Defined Storage is the new breed of storage architecture, used to manage today's explosive unstructured data growth. By including Tarmin Gridbank, the premier Data Defined Storage solution, to your portfolio, you can substantially increase market opportunity. 

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8-critical-elementsWhite Paper: 8 Critical Elements for Choosing the Right MFT Solution

Business success is defined by the abiliity to exchange data and content - and today, that data and content is usually in an electronic file. Companies use a variety of formal and informal file sharing methods, but they are often fraught with significant operational, financial, and legal risks.

This whitepaper explains how to choose the right MFT solution to bring order, structure and visibility to complex file transfer environments.

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true-technical-case-study-x250White Paper: Teaching Styles, Equipment Challenges and Optimal Support

With schools shifting to projectors, flat panels, document cameras and other equipment, the role of technology supportive furniture has become a critical necessity.

Learn more about teaching styles that can be enhanced using technology, the challenges of integrating technology into the classroom, and how supportive furniture can eas the classroom/technoloy integration.

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samsung-wp-streamlining-digital-signageWhite Paper: Streamlining Digital Signage

Despite compelling research showing the positive influence of digital signage, many small- and mid-sized companies have been reluctant to adopt it due to fears of excess cost and lack of techincal expertise.

Fortunately, the simplicity of today's digital signage options could not be more of a contrast to this myth. Open up the rest of the market to digital signage with this Samsung white paper.

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byod-white-paperWhite Paper: Leveraging Technology to Alleviate Security and Privacy Concerns

Today, companies of all sizes are looking ways to leverage bring-your-own-device (BYOD) as part of their overall IT strategies.  Yet, despite tremendous growth in BYOD, CIOs and IT decision-makers still grapple with the concept, often debating the impact of security and privacy.

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