Prison escapes in the U.S. are extremely rare—the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that the national rate of escape in 2013 was 10.5 per 10,000 prisoners. Still, for someone facing years or decades in prison, those odds are better than the lottery. Given time, which prisoners have plenty of, they’ll find creative ways to attempt their escapes.

How technology helps and prevents prison escapes

Here’s how inmates are using technology to escape prisons and correctional facilities are countering with their own use of technology.
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If you aren’t currently giving your customers an option to lease their equipment, you should. The margins are higher, the recurring revenue can build a predictable stable cash flow and it locks customers into longer-term relationships. Additionally, if you stay engaged during the length of the contract, you increase your opportunity to prove your value, build a stronger relationship and position yourself for upsell opportunities.

Offer leasing options to boost recurring revenue

Here’s why offering leasing is good for you and your customers, and how to combat low-cost competition.
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Whether we’re talking K–12 or higher education, past shootings and other threats have pushed the safety of our children to top of mind.

Protect school campuses from active threats

Here are some budget-conscious ways to address school safety and active threats with physical security.
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Free E-book: What’s keeping you awake at night?

A recent report highlights the most significant threats facing physical security solution providers. Here’s how to turn those threats into opportunities.
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Cloud-based access control

Is physical security ready for the cloud?

Don’t overlook these key considerations before diving into cloud-based physical security.
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If you’re like most healthcare-focused IT solution providers, you’re looking for additional ways to increase your revenue. While some put significant emphasis on sales and marketing for new customer acquisition, others take the tactic of selling as deeply as possible into existing customers.

Does your healthcare solution include physical security?

Here’s how to successfully upsell healthcare customers on physical security, even if you lack security expertise.
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 The physical security industry is booming. In fact, according to a MarketsandMarkets report, the physical security industry is expected to hit $112.43 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 10.1% between 2016 and 2021. Unfortunately, successfully selling physical security solutions can be hard work. Competition is fierce, customer expectations are at an all-time high, and technology is rapidly changing. In short, there are many obstacles to your success. Don’t make it harder for yourself by becoming one of those obstacles.

4 mistakes to avoid when selling physical security

Before you go out on your next physical security sales call, take note of these 4 common mistakes many solution providers make when selling.
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 So much of being a successful solution provider comes down to the ability to identify customer needs. Unfortunately, we often see that solution providers leave money on the table by missing opportunities with their customers. Whether it’s due to a lack of knowledge about what complementary upsell opportunities exist, lack of interest or time, or something else, the end result is a customer with unfulfilled needs and a solution provider not maximizing their sales potential.

Why every data center needs good physical security

Data centers often overlook physical security. This leaves them at risk while you miss a lucrative sales opportunity.
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 When most people think about video surveillance cameras, often the images that come to mind are dome cameras or box cameras. While those camera types do make up the majority of installed cameras being implemented today, there’s a variety of situations that call for unique, yet powerful cameras.

Think outside the video surveillance box

Think beyond box and dome cameras. Today’s cameras come in a variety of shapes, sizes and capabilities to address a variety of challenging business problems.
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Physical Security Through Ingram Micro

If you're new to the physical security market, or already an experienced security integrator, you'll appreciate our comprehensive product offerings and services. We can help you select the right hardware and software combinations, configure your solutions and even send out technical support engineers for assistance with large projects. And you can take advantage of training to keep you on the blade of the competitive edge.

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