A Must-See Physical Security Checklist

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Jul 15

Jul 15

Physical Security


Physical security is big business. The hardware side of the industry alone is worth an estimated $36 billion, and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 15 percent through 2019, according to market research. Meanwhile, video surveillance technology is growing about 18 percent annually—proof that physical security will be a reliable source of business for value-added resellers (VARs), for years to come.

One of the reasons physical security is such a strong industry is that it encompasses a wide range of different technologies. As a VAR, you might sell intrusion detection and prevention systems, access control and visitor management, software and beyond. Finding the right mix of technology (and other resources) for each customer starts with creating a physical security plan.

To get started, familiarize yourself with common physical security line items. For reference, take a look at this must-see physical security checklist:

Access Control and Visitor Management

  • Ensure each entry/exit point is secured by a human presence, CCTV cameras or effective locks/keys or cards.
  • Designate any and all keys as “do not copy”
  • Determine which employees, if not all, will have ID badges
  • Determine person or department responsible for issuing new keys/cards and badges
  • Establish protocol for former employees to return keys/cards and badges
  • Determine whether the facility needs an intrusion alarm system and, if so, how often it will be tested
  • Secure high-risk or sensitive areas with unique locks and keys
  • Create a plan for visitor and vendor management
  • Consider system redundancy when possible
  • Place access control system on an uninterrupted power supply in case power is lost

Exterior Security

  • Ensure the facility’s perimeter fencing (or other barrier) in good working order
  • Determine whether the fencing (or other barrier) fully limits vehicle and pedestrian access
  • Establish a “clear zone” of at least 20 feet around the perimeter fencing where no vegetation or other structures will obstruct views or provide a way to climb the fencing
  • Create a plan for guard tours, if guards will be patrolling the perimeter
  • Consider where vehicles are allowed to drive and park on the grounds
  • Determine where all utility shutoffs are; ensure they are secure
  • Closely inspect all lighting, and consider adding more where needed
  • Consider any potential blind spots created by landscaping, terrain, décor or other elements

Video Surveillance

  • Ensure each camera has an unobstructed view and that all sensitive areas are monitored
  • Determine who will watch the camera feeds and what necessitates an alert
  • Determine how long camera footage will be retained for evidence
  • Test your cameras at night to determine if the facility lighting is adequate
  • Ensure that both internal and external cameras cannot be easily accessed by unauthorized people

Security Protocols

  • Establish security protocols for all possible emergencies, including fire, active shooter, severe weather and other relevant events
  • List all local law enforcement, fire departments, hospitals and other first responders’ contact information
  • Determine who is responsible for what during an emergency, and establish a back-up for each stakeholder

This checklist is by no means all-inclusive, but hopefully it will give you an idea of the items that need to be covered. Each facility’s security plan will be at least somewhat different, so keep an open mind and be vigilant to threats from unexpected places.

What items would you add to this physical security checklist? In your experience, do your customers tend to already have a security plan in mind, or do they rely on you for more guidance?

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