Solution providers selling IP cameras for video surveillance alone could be missing out on a physical security love connection. There’s an important and exciting aspect of these powerful devices—the ability to collect valuable business intelligence that can have a monumental impact on your customers.

A marriage of video surveillance and business intelligence

Today’s video analytics solutions can provide powerful and valuable business intelligence to your customers.
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I don’t have to tell you how fierce the competition is out there. Today, IT solution providers and integrators need every advantage to remain competitive and stand apart. Of course, lowering prices is one way to stand apart and win business, but that’s a long-term recipe for failure. An alternative is to build you or your company up as a thought leader—whether in your industry, region or vertical specialty. Certifications are one great way to do this.

Are you smarter than the competition when it comes to security?

Physical security solution providers can stand apart from their competition by pursuing various certifications available. Here’s how each certification differs.
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There’s been a lot of interest lately among IT VARs to begin selling physical security solutions. With today’s latest IP-based security solutions being easier than ever to install, there’s little reason for VARs to pass such business off to a security-focused dealer.

Don’t sell physical security without reading this first

IT VARs looking to add physical security to their line cards should first ensure their leadership has these key characteristics.
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If there’s one thing hotel owners are concerned about, it’s the safety of their guests and employees.

How physical security plays a major role in hospitality

Even if your hospitality customer already has a physical security solution in place, chances are they’re in desperate need of a technology upgrade.
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If you've been following our blog series on business NAS for video surveillance, by this time you may be convinced of the importance of getting to know this new generation of video footage storage technology. Now it's time to get down to the details. What do businesses and the resellers they trust need to look for in business NAS solutions for video surveillance? Here are three of the top features to assess:

What to Look for in Business NAS for Video Surveillance

Here are three of the top features in business NAS solutions for video surveillance that businesses and resellers need to look for.
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In our last two blog posts on business NAS for video surveillance, we discussed the growing need for centralized storage solutions with remote access capabilities for modern surveillance video footage, and the basic capabilities of business NAS for video surveillance. Here, we'll break down the three key benefits of business NAS for video surveillance.

The Benefits of Business NAS for Video Surveillance

A break down the three key benefits of business NAS for video surveillance.
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Physical Security Through Ingram Micro

If you're new to the physical security market, or already an experienced security integrator, you'll appreciate our comprehensive product offerings and services. We can help you select the right hardware and software combinations, configure your solutions and even send out technical support engineers for assistance with large projects. And you can take advantage of training to keep you on the blade of the competitive edge.

Establishing Yourself as a Leader in the Video Surveillance Market
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